Wanted… Well Paid Professional Who Wants to Transition to A life of Happiness & Wealth

Wealthy WArrior, Well Paid professional

You are not scared of a little hard work. You have done it your whole life. You have created a fairly comfortable life for you and yours but you know that there could be more.

You feel like you have hit a ceiling with a lot of potential hidden within you so you have considered starting your own business (or maybe you already did) doing something you enjoy but you feel held back from getting the results you want because it would involve upsetting the whole balance of your life and that of your family.

In fact, whenever you broach the subject of your dissatisfaction (if you ever do), the people around you try to keep you in your place. Not obviously, of course; They just say things that make you doubt your ability to make a change.

Of course, they love you but they are not seeing the disquiet inside of you. They don’t understand it. They just think you are doing well so why on earth would you want to change things.

And you wonder that too. You have some of the trappings (not as much as you would like), but now they trap you in a life that no longer satisfies.

You have taken to reading personal development & self-help books but you seem to lack the follow through when it comes to mastering yourself and actually making what the books say happen.

Don’t get me wrong, you are a capable, hardworking person but you are just not living a life of fulfillment.

You are finally getting to the point where you are willing to do what it takes to fight for the life you want and to create wealth in a fulfilling way but it feels a little scary and you really are far too comfortable at the moment.

The only thing is… you can see your life tick tocking away & year by year, it seems to speed past that little bit quicker and you really do not want to get to the end and look back with regret at all the things you were too nervous to do.

Admit it, you are not happy!

You try to be, you try to be satisfied, you try and try and try and still you are not there.

You know your life is supposed to be more than this and yet, you just cannot break through that ceiling. Busy work gets in the way, people get in the way, LIFE GETS IN THE WAY!

Inside you feel like a warrior, a fighter, a visionary – you have big ideas and you long to master yourself and your circumstances.

However, on the outside, you just keep doing what you have always done (you have bills to pay, right?!) in order to keep up appearances so needless to say, your life carries on in this boring, stale way.

Are you ready yet to stop this?

Are you ready to claim the life that was yours from birth?

Those dreams in your head are not there to taunt you!

They are there because you are uniquely able to make it happen!

If you will DO THE WORK!

Not just any work, I mean the right work. The work that you must do to let go of all the nonsense you have held onto up to now so that you can welcome in the real you.

No, this is not going to be easy and yet, you have tried the easy path and you know where that leads…

The Easy Comfortable Path leads to dissatisfaction!

This one is the warrior path – It can feel tough, it can feel hard, it will demand that you break free from comfort in order to create a life of passion and purpose and abundant wealth.

 Your Age Matters Not

You might tell yourself you are too old for this stuff but that is just a matter of opinion. I tell you that you are at just the right age to have left behind the nonsense of youth and be in the position to create a meaningful life.

You have dabbled enough already to know that as you get older, it becomes more important to live a life of meaning, to build a business that allows you to do that, to be the leader you know you always were even when you were trying so hard to conform.

 You do not have to give up everything

I am not asking you to give up everything all at once.   No!  No one would cope with that.  I could not have done that – In my transition from well paid professional to wealthy business owner, I still had responsibilities. And I still love my creature comforts and have no intention of giving them up.

However, I had to be willing to fight for a life I wanted rather than one that had been defined for me.

You need to be willing to fight for the life you want.

You need to be willing to, little by little, remove the things in your life that are no longer working for you and replace them with things you actually, actively want.  This path is exhilirating, adventurous, exciting and wealth attracting.

That is the Deliberate Millionaire’s Quest!

Will you join in?

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