Weight loss

Like many women, I am usually in the throes of weight loss or more usually weight gain, following one diet plan or the other, permanently dissatisfied with the numbers I see on the scale each time I look.  So as a result of this compulsive yet scary desire to know my weight all hours of the day, I decided not to look at the balance too regularly.  (Although what does that mean – not too regularly – once a day instead of six times or once a week instead of everyday?  too vague really!)

Yes, I have subjected myself to periods where I checked the scales all the time – before exercise, after exercise, before breakfast, after breakfast, after the first wee or ___ of the day, just out of the shower, wearing my lightest clothes, wearing my heaviest clothes (just so I can claim the clothes weighed at least five pounds! 😆 )  It can be a bad start to the day, if I am not careful.  Where, o where is that flat tummy that once was a feature of my astounding beauty?  Oh Yeah! THERE is one of the THREE causes crawling happily on the floor – It is a good thing they are so adorable!

As a trained pharmacist, I consider myself an authority on the best advice available on weight loss. As a woman, particularly one who has had three children in quick succession, I consider myself an authority on just how difficult it is to follow what I know is great advice.  I mean we all have a general idea about what we need to do

Eat less, Exercise more!

But the journey from our heads to action is over a thousand miles long and most of us struggle to walk a mile, how much more a thousand!  Climb steps, we are told! Park the car two blocks away and walk but really how much good does it do?  Am I suddenly going to be thin because I climbed/walked ten steps. Really? I do not think so.

Weight loss is as much changing your mind as it is changing actions.  There unfortunately is no permanent short cut.  Anything that comes too quickly generally tends to leave just as quick.  We have all heard of the lottery winners who declare bankruptcy or return to their previous state of affairs relatively soon after the win.


It is not enough to have a change of outer circumstances without an equivalent change in internal ones too.  If we think the same about food after a crazy crash diet, we will quickly find ourselves back to where we started.

However for everything I have said, I do recognize that there are times a quick fix is required.  For a family wedding maybe, you know the ones where people ‘lovingly’ point out just how much weight you need to lose. (or maybe that only happens in my family where they get offended if you do not eat and yet accuse you of being too fat if you do :-))

Anyway, the plan under this category is to cover rapid, quick and slow, steady ways of losing weight as well as some interesting facts surrounding it, the mindset of weight loss, what helps, what hinders etc.

As a final note, I would like to encourage people to be courageous and send through a question or a great weight loss story or not so great story.  Please state clearly if you want it to remain anonymous.  Let us see if we can help each other meet our goals.


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