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I was reading through my Pharmaceutical Journal this morning and came across an article about weight loss programmes.  As I had always suspected, commercial programmes such as Weightwatchers, Slimming World and Rosemary Conley were found to be more effective than the weight loss programmes provided in the pharmacy or by your GP or Primary Care Trust.Now, I would hate to put down my very hard-working collegaues but surely, if someone is looking for a free solution to a problem they willingly paid for (in the form of overeating and passive forms of entertainment), then there is a high chance that a lack of self motivation might be to blame.  I suppose this statement might offend some people but I have lived this.  I know that unless I invest some of my hard-earned money into a solution, I am unlikely to take the solution serious.

Quick Question

Have you tried any of the programmes before? Have you worked with a pharmacist or GP before? What results did you obtain?

To Continue…

There is so much choice out there.  From the cheap and cheerful things to the more expensive, intensive things.  I have always fancied a boot camp type regime but so far, have not had the luxury.  The idea of taking time out just to focus on getting my body in shape and at the right weight sounds scary and yet blissful too. You can even have meals delivered to you.  That too appeals to me as it takes a lot of everyday choice out of the equation.  You already know what you will eat so no point agonizing over a biscuit 🙂 . Then there are the super-low calorie diets like Cabbage soup diet.  I have tried this one for some quick results.  Pretty amazing but definitely not for the long term. Some diets restrict the things you can eat, for instance,Atkins is one such diet.  I personally have not tried this one but it definitely seems to work for some. Some diets are just commonsense.  An example of this, is the No S diet – No snacks, sweets or seconds except on days that start with S.  This works because in first world countries, we eat a whole lot so just following these simple rules will make the follower so different from most other people and help with portion control.

Question again

So what worked for you in the past or what is working at the moment? In summary, there are a lot of programmes out there, all which have varying results.  I will be trying to go into greater depth of each of the different ones – building something of a review and information section here on Mum in Business.  I hope it helps you take control of that aspect of your personal growth. Please do leave your name and email on the right and receive 30 tips to help you lose weight over the next month.  I hope you find it useful!


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