“Aaargh, nothing is working!”  I hear you cry.

“I have been doing and doing everything I can and nothing seems to be working!”

“When, oh, when will it all happen?”

My answer to you and to anyone who asks is this… “I don’t know! I just KNOW it will happen if you stay on track, if you keep getting clear on what you want, if you keep serving people with your products and services, IT WILL WORK!”

And it will work faster if you just get on with the doing, rather than persistently allowing doubt and fear in your head.

Because all the time, you spend asking questions like this, is time that you are allowing yourself to think that something is not working.  And while you are thinking that things are not working, you are taking time away from thinking about how things can work…

And honey, your brain only has enough space for so many things.

Well, let me be clear – your capacity for great thought is limitless and yet, you use it in a very limited way and usually, it is in a very hindering way because you spend all your time focused on what is not working and how hard it is for you and how much time you do not have.  You spend time looking for the easy answer instead of staying consistently on ONE path and seeing it all the way through.

And I do this too so I know it just makes everything SLOW DOWN…

Which is the exact thing we are both trying to avoid!

This weekend, I had a sit-down with the hubby and we worked out a system for figuring out if something is working or not because like you, I can get all caught up in the ‘I dont FEEL it is working so let’s go off on some wild goose chase over here instead of just doing the next thing!”

And usually, when I am logical, calm and contained, I realise that it is working, I am already making money in my business, I am doing things that I thought I could not do, I AM ramping things up & really, everything is actually fine.

But my crazy way of allowing negativity a place in my head for more than one second is causing me to put the brakes on doing the work that I simply must continue to do.

But I catch myself quicker and quicker these days.

Years of reading, coaching, mind discipline are finally starting to pay off! Woohoo!

But you are not quite there yet…

You are so used to going into work, doing what someone has told you has to be done while someone else does their bit of the puzzle and so when everyone has done a bit,  a certain result ensues and so you know that things are working…

But your business is not quite that established yet and you have to do it all alone, at the moment so it feels a little like you are pushing everything uphill…

And yes, you are doing exactly that at the moment…

But every time, you take your hands off the plough to worry whether you are making enough time, whether you are going the right way (I mean, you already set a course so why not just stick with it?), worry whether you have what it takes, worry whether you are the person to do it, wonder whether you should just go back to work, worry whether your family or friends think you are crazy or not (they do, but so what?!), worry whether you have enough money and all that stuff you find to worry about…

Every time you do that… You lose ground.

Your brain is occupied in worry and so it is not coming up with solutions…

So, therefore everything takes that much longer to work…

Which then further re-inforces your fears and you get even slower at doing the work that must be done both internally and externally and so, you start to look longingly at the ‘norms’ and you start to slow right down to join them and then your business becomes a thing of the distant past – something to be nostalgic about…

And if that satisfies you then okay, do that then…

This path to overall success in all areas of life, is not for everyone.  Maybe, it is not for you.

Your choice, of course…

But if you are a driven and determined to make your dreams come true in this lifetime, if you see yourself as someone who can, then you have some work to do on your mindset, friend!

Because this thing we work towards is not for the weak-minded and too many people have developed a weak mind.

You have to do the internal work as well as the external work in order for you to succeed at being you and getting all you want out of life and business…

You have to get some solid habits that do not succumb to the whims of fear and despair every day…

You have to get serious about this!

Do you think it is a coincidence that not everyone is living life their way?!

I mean seriously, if you are going to be the same as the ‘norms’, quit now.

But if you are serious about getting what you want out of your life and business…

  1. Stop allowing yourself to think so negatively all the time.

  2. Start creating mindset habits that push you forward – like writing out your goals each morning before you start work, meditating, praying – doing whatever will get you in the right state to create success each day before you get to work.  And do these in the good and the bad times – Do not lose the habit because you think there is no time to do this.  YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!

  3. Know the work you must do and do it consistently for at least 6 months before you even think about changing strategy.

  4. Know the amount of work you must do each day – For instance, I know that I must create x amount of words for my blog and for other places that I write for, x social media updates, at least one email written to my list, and so much content produced for my next product each day.  If I have not done that, then there is no time to spend doing other things like worrying!  I get first things first and then if there is time, I can fit in other things like checking numbers etc.  Yes, I have to be like a robot most days but thankfully, I am only doing things that I really do want to do so it works.  What are your daily ‘musts?’  Are you getting them done each day or are you finding excuses why it is too hard to do them.  That time spent in coming up with excuses could really be better spent!

  5. Stop waiting for certainty, JUST MOVE!

  6. Delete anything from your life that is getting in the way of you just doing the work.

  7. Stop allowing yourself to get caught up in worry and fear – It limits you and makes you think that you are failing when really, you are just going through the same thing every ‘would-be’ successful entrepreneur-leader goes through.  This path, this super tough path is not unique to you – Why do you think many do not take it?

Honey, you have only so much space in your head and when you occupy that space with worry, doubt and fear, guess what you get more of?

Yes, all the stuff you do not want.

You have to fight for clarity of purpose in your head.

You have to determine to be all you want to be, even when you are uncertain.

You have to determine to live a deliberate life.

There is just no room for all this craziness.

Occupy yourself with thoughts of victory, not defeat.

Yes, you will need to make it a habit but it is a worthwhile habit to attain, I hope you realise.

Now, get to work.

Write out your daily blueprint and just do it.

Stop dithering and just do the work.

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