So, which came first for you?

The belief that there is not enough for everyone


the experience of there not being enough for everyone.

At what point did you realise that you were not going to have all that you wanted and that you had better settle for whatever you can get?  Was it at home with your siblings?  You suddenly realised that your parents could not give you all you wanted whenever you wanted it, you had to SHARE and so there was a silent awareness rising within you that you would always have to share.

That there would never be enough for you.

Except there is a conflict inside you.

A feeling that there is more to this than meets the eye but you cannot quite believe any different from your reality that there is not enough.

The evidence seems to prove it – There is not enough for everyone or else, there would be no hunger in parts of the world, there would be no lack, no poverty, no nothing that you have deemed as wrong.

And so, you limit yourself to thinking that in some way, if you have less then there will be more for others.

Or maybe, you call yourself selfish and decide that you want what you want and you are going to get it regardless of the plight of others.  Whichever way, you are working from a flawed paradigm.

A paradigm of lack.

You still think that there is not enough for everyone.

And because you think it, it is your reality.

What does it matter which one came first?  You now believe totally that there is lack all around and so it affects everything for you.

What if I called you to a higher way of thinking, of believing, of knowing?

What if you stopped allowing your created reality to be THE ONLY reality?

What if you just started to KNOW that there is an abundance everywhere?

What if you started to look for abundance everywhere, instead of continually looking for proof that you are stuck in lack?

Yes, I understand.  There seems to be nothing but a lack of time, lack of money, lack of love, everywhere you look but I must ask again, which came first?

The decision that there is a lack


the reality that there is a lack?

I know it is a little bit of a stretch of the imagination for you but could I ask you to choose to step away from lack and deliberately start to choose abundance, instead?

What if there IS enough for everyone?

What difference would it make to the way you live, if you really truly believed that?

How many more things would you allow yourself to try if you knew that you would never run out?

There is a story of a widow with a son who thought she had nothing left but she chose to give her last drop of food to a prophet (she took a step towards abundance) and the prophet then tells her that she will not run out at all.

And each day, she had more than enough flour and oil to prepare food for her household and the prophet.

She chose to know that what the prophet said was true.

She chose to believe that there was more than enough.

She realised that her old way of thinking was taking her nowhere but towards hunger and death for her and her son so she stepped away.  And instead she stepped into abundance.

And in that moment, it became her reality.

Is it time to step away from your current reality and step into a new one?

One of abundance.

One where everyone has all they want.

And a recognition that if you want more, all you need to do is choose it.

Regardless of what seems real to you right now, there is abundance.

Choose to believe it.

Choose to look for it.

Choose to KNOW it.

Choose to live out of the knowing that there is more than enough for you, for yours and for the other 7 billion people on the planet.

How does it serve you to think there is not?

How does it serve them for you to think that there is not?

Choose to live out of a sense of abundance and you will change more lives.

You will impact more people because anytime you experience something that seems outside of your knowing of life, you will seek to correct it.

Right now, while you believe there is lack, you feel helpless to change the experience of others.  You only look out for number 1 or maybe you extend it just to your family, you believe you must take care of only you and yours because you think there is a lack.

But once you see there is an abundance, once you really see it…

Everything will change.

The impact you have will be increased, you will no longer settle for less than everything for you, for yours and for everyone outside your immediate circle of influence.  You will want them to experience all that you experience because why not?

They can have it all, why would they settle for any less?

It must be because they do not see and so you will help them see.

You cannot force anyone to see but you can live from abundance and call them to do the same.

Will you?

Will you take the one single step into believing in abundance everywhere?

You just have to choose it.

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Much Amazing Love

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