We live on the edge between 2 worlds

The physical world

the mental world

For most, the physical world is all there is

For us, we know there is more

But we have been conditioned to think that it is crazy, CRAZY, CRAAAAZY to seek to live in the mental world…

There are things to handle here in the physical, we are told

You have to be practical, reasonable, logical

But let’s be honest, we look round at all these practical, logical and reasonable people and they are not quite doing what we dream of doing…

Their lives can be ok but there is no thrill, no excitement, no deep true happiness…

There is just an air of “we are getting by, thank you very much’

And then we look at those who are living the life we deeply desire and there is excitement, joy, adventure


but there is something attractive about that life

This deep knowledge inside of us that that is what we are born for

The deep knowledge inside of us that we do not need everything to always be smooth

What we deeply desire is to be AWAKE

And that we remember our own power to create whatever we choose and so then we know that no challenge can overcome us

And so then we retreat into this mental world where anything is possible

Because now we see that the ones who do change the world must SURELY have seen something more than the physical reality or else they too would be stuck in a mundane existence

And so, though we do not need it, we take that as permission to indulge our more woo-woo side

We create pictures in our mind of what we want life to be like

We stop listening to the people who would try to make us reasonable

We love them so we humour them but mostly we ignore them

And we keep watering our dream

We combine both the mental with the practical

We do the physical work – sometimes MUCH MORE than the average person would

We do the inner work – ALWAYS MUCH MORE than the average person would

WE refuse to allow ourselves to feel utter despair even when things do not work as quickly as we would like

We heal whatever needs to heal because NOTHING is allowed to take our prosperity away from us so we let people go, we let the past go, we let crazy beliefs go, we get out of our own way…

WE do whatever we need to do to lighten our load so we can focus on bringing the dream to life

And yes, it is about us living to our true design and purpose

But it is also about the world we see as a result of us doing this inner and outer work

Because as we start to own who we are, we realise that we are here to help other awaken as well

And so, we go into this with even more gusto because at the heart of us, we love to serve

And the lives we create, when we stay on this deliberate life path, are too amazing for words

And all those who once thought we were too impractical and silly, wonder how we did it

Now they admire us or despise us (sometimes, peeps do not want to see what they are denying themselves)

Whatever! We just keep moving onwards and upwards

We know who we are now – Deliberate Designers of an amazing life experience


We ain’t stopping for nothing!

Come with us

Don’t come with us

We are moving on!

Changing the world, making a dent, just by being our most true selves!


How exciting!

Are you willing to do the inner work?

Come join HEAL AND GROW RICH and learn simple strategies to release anything that blocks you from true lasting prosperity

Find out more at RosemaryNonnyknight.com/healgrowrich

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister

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