I am at a retreat and feeling very VERY exposed at the moment…

Some more of my walls are coming down

And I do not like what I see

I am tempted to feel guilty and shameful

I am tempted to hide behind a story of not being worthy

I am tempted to put my walls back up…

To go back to ‘pretend perfection’

But I am called to be love in this world, I cannot hide…

I choose to heal

I choose to let go

And I write this because I want you to know that none of it matters…

None of the mistakes made, matter

None of the stories you bought into, can keep you from your good

None of it, determines your worth


These things come up so that we can heal

These things are shown to us by the Divine because they are there in the background keeping you from your good

And as you look at them and feel the feelings you have buried with them behind your walls, you can also let go

How much weight are you carrying in your body because of shame?

How much love are you disallowing yourself because you feel unworthy and you stay in relationships where your lack of self-love is emphasised?

How much more are you giving of yourself, well beyond what is wise, because deep down you still feel you have to pay for something?

How long will you buy into the story of suffering because you think that that is all you deserve?

No, you are not perfect

Neither am I

OH MY, I see my imperfection so clearly at times and all I want to do is hide from it…

And yet, love always breaks through

Love reminds me, and now you, that I  am worthy of the best of everything

So are you!

Yes, I can choose to heal so that I am free of the pain that these thoughts and beliefs and feelings bring…

I can even choose not to heal, if I so desire

I am still loved

And Still worthy

Do you get that?

Even if you choose to hide from yourself, you are still loved and still worthy of the best of everything!

The only question is, will you let yourself have everything?

The healing is a service to yourself

It is not for the Divine

It is not to avoid hell or some other horrid thing.


So that you will allow yourself to prosper in all your ways…

Do you fully see that you are loved unconditionally?

Even as I type that, I had to take a moment to remember again that yes, I am loved unconditionally whatever I choose to do…

I choose to heal because I want to be a clear light in this world

I want to carry love to all of you without the nonsense of my stories…

And if anything, my stories and my mess become the message that helps me to support you in healing…

That helps me love you more completely…

Yes, you may have stories that tie you up and make you feel so very wrong…

You are loved anyway

And I invite you to heal

to no longer allow the stories to keep you trapped in a less than existence


Find out more at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/reignite

You are worthy of the best of everything but the more nonsense you carry within you, the dimmer your light becomes

We are not those who can ignore what we consider to be our flaws

We feel responsible but not always in a healthy way

We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and it cloaks us, keeps us from good

I invite you to burn through all that dross

To see who you truly are – A child of the Divine, forever and completely loved

It is time to RISE

Join me RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/reignite

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister


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