So many ways to Make Money in Business at Home- Build Life, Build Business 2

By October 17, 2013November 6th, 2014Business, Self Development

Yesterday evening, the second monthly Mum in Business Webinar was held. today I was going to write about the science of getting rich and how to make money but well, I got a little lazy and instead decided to give you the skinny on the webinar.

The topics I addressed this month were

  • Goal Setting
  • Various Business Ideas to make Money from Home
  • Being Fake and who am I doing it for anyway?

There seemed to be a few technical difficulties, as can be the case when a technical non-genius such as myself is at the helm of such a powerful piece of technology 🙂 ! So the very end of the webinar did not record! However, I think you will get most of it.

Below are the presentation on slide share, the video and also the audio. I am hoping that anyone anywhere will be able to listen or watch or read it from wherever they are and whatever their bandwidth.

Could I also ask that you share it with anyone who needs to hear it? Imagine a world with empowered, generous women building global small businesses from the comfort of their homes, training their children to be self sufficient from a young age, enjoying their life without having to be at the beck and call of an employer, unless that is their choice.

This is my dream! Join in! Share the Vision!

Here is the Video


And finally, here is the audio.

Great, After lots of tweaking and faffing, I managed to get them all on the post.  I hope you get ideas on how to make money from home and also, I hope you start to use your own imagination to see that anything is possible if you will just put your mind to it.

My last point got slightly lost as a result of losing broadband connection but ultimately, it was about ensuring that you chase your dreams regardless of other people’s perceptions of who you are and who you should be.  This is a point that locks people up in their quest to be a Stay Home Mum who works and it might be the case for you.

You may get too caught up in maintaining the status quo for your friends, and why would you do that?  Why would you risk regretting the choices you made just because you want to keep the peace?  Like me, you may have been a professional in your pre-children life and never been satisfied with it, you may want to break free and do something different, why don’t you?

Maybe, your family and friends are overly invested in you being a lawyer, accountant, doctor etc or maybe, your vanity loves the title even if you do not enjoy the work.  Whatever it is, none of it will matter when you look back on your life and wonder why you did not discover the thing that made your heart sing.

Yes, it will be tough at the start to re-identify yourself but you know what, the struggle is worth it!

Need help in getting clarity? well, ask me for a free consultation.  Go over to the Coaching Page and send me a message, I really do want to chat with you.

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