The War Inside – Will You fight for the life and wealth you want or will you be like everyone else?

Fight For The LifeThere is a war inside of you between who you are and who you want to be.

Who you are right now keeps waiting for permission to step into your full power. It feels like you are facing a wall and you know that over the wall is your best self but you are hesitant so you keep picking little, tiny holes in the wall, hoping, praying, wishing that it will fall or give way with someone else’s help or permission.

It is time for you to realize that YOU have to batter at the wall with a boulder, an axe, a battering ram and stop waiting, stop holding your breath, waiting, waiting.

The wall is your resistance and it is holding you back. The only way to show commitment to your path, to becoming wealthy, to being all you were created to be is to bash it down.

You may not know what will happen if you do bash it down but you know that this current limbo is annoying.

Wake up to the knowledge that what you TRULY seek, you will absolutely find. You will find success & wealth & love when you seek it with all your heart, your mind, your strength.

You must be committed, completely committed to the pursuit, committed to breaking through any of your own doubts, your own limitations, your own anything – YOU MUST BREAK THROUGH!

Be done with all the tentativeness!

Be SET on this path to wealth and abundance and choose to DO THE WORK!

Lying around worrying when you have not done all you can to succeed because you say you are scared is just not good enough anymore!

You know you have not done everything yet. You know you have not learnt everything there is to learn.

Stop living on the fence – Enough already – Enough, ENOUGH! ENOUGH!!!!!


It is not like before…

Falling down, even failing does not mean you are done! You are just beginning! You are just at the start and there is sooo much more ahead of you!


YOU DO BATTLE, first and foremost, with yourself, with the wimpy person you can be.
You charge against your own self imposed limits and you must choose to step up your game.

You can no longer be chained. You really are a warrior.

You are a warrior king or queen and you must refuse to be less than who you were created to be.

Live Life Deliberately!

Live Life Ferociously!

Enough Wimpiness!

You are powerful!

You are a leader!

You are incredible!

You carry the full abundance of the Universe! So what are you waiting for!

Fear is your enemy.

You can choose to be the best you possible!

Where there is fear, there is no love!

And where there is no love, you can not live to your full potential. You will cheat, steal, compete to get what you want and you really do not have to.

You must understand that there is more than enough for you, for yours and for everyone so choose to live from a place of abundance.

You do not have to be like everyone else competing for scraps. No, YOU ARE A CREATOR.

You create abundance out of what seems like nothing.

Do not be held back by your fears from the past. Stand in your God given authority! You ARE a warrior!

Charge into the world and no longer be afraid to fall. You are a channel of Love, abundance and success.

You, being fully you, will empower others to play full out. You do a disservice to the world when you live out of your fears & limitations.

So, do not delay, Warrior! Step UP! Step FULLY into who you are!

Let’s GO!

And if you are ready to pick up your sword, your battering ram or whatever metaphorical tool of combat you like, then let’s have a powerful conversation.

What do you want to create? More wealth, more happiness? I can help you make it happen faster than you ever will alone. Working with me will change your life and I know that to be a fact so only approach me if you really are ready to do battle for the life you want.

Send me a private message right now with your contact details (number, email address) and I will be in touch.


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