So many people say they want to be rich or financially independent or impact and influence people for good or reach whatever level of success they feel born to reach…

And yet, not many people choose to do it…

They come up with excuses…

“Oh, I don’t know what to do” – No one does at the start, make a commitment and MOVE, getting support, asking questions, following the intuitive nudges as you go.

“Maybe God does not want me to do this – Let me wait to hear more clearly the trumpet sound from the heavens” – For goodness’ sake!!! Your vision is your permission – GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT!

“I don’t have the time at the moment” Everyone has the same amount of time and you determine what to do with your time so please!!!  do not give me that excuse!

“Maybe when the children grow up” – Really? When you are more set in your ways and too comfortable to do anything?

“Maybe when the parents, siblings, friends do not need me anymore. They are going through a trying time at the moment” – Yes, and how is that stopping you from moving forward?

“Maybe when I am not so anxious or depressed” – Maybe you are anxious and depressed because you are not following through on the commitments you made to yourself.  I know I was depressed for that reason.

“Everyone is trying to scam me, I don’t know who to trust” – This one is particularly stupid as there seems to be an expectation that some coach/mentor is going to make you rich!  No one will make you wealthy!  They can give you suggestions but you actually have to do the freaking work!  I still remember signing up for my property mastermind and putting down my £10k with about 40 others and then there were about 20 or more of them that had this attitude that the mentor should do all the work for them and so they dropped out, tried to get their money back and generally ended up more broke and jaded.  they would say that it was because they were scammed and yet, I took the very same information/ mentoring and made it work for me.  So, really??  REALLY????

I mean, late last year, I decided to put this to the money excuse to the test.  “Maybe people cannot afford to get the support they need” I told myself and so I decided to massively reduce my prices and coach them for practically nothing.  I reduced the DM to pennies for the value you get, I made myself available for an incredibly small cost and guess what?! the problem was not the money.  NOPE!  I had a few not even show up for sessions AT ALL!!!  I was not actually all that surprised, truth be told because I know what I had to do to pay for mentoring when I got serious and I HAD NO CASH so I kinda knew that money is never the reason – NEVER EVER! though people think it is.

I listen to all kinds of excuses people give for not actually making the choice to be rich, fulfilled and to follow through on their dreams and I get both frustrated and sympathetic.

It is tough to go after what you want – ABSOLUTELY, I get that…

It is easier to find some reason for why you cannot do it so that you can cop-out and tell yourself you tried.

I listen to family doing this…

I listen to friends doing this…

I listen to myself doing this except I KNOW when I am doing it and so I cannot allow myself to deceive myself for long.

Honey, the truth I have had to accept in order to create any wealth at all is that if I am not where I want to be, I HAVE ONLY MYSELF TO BLAME FOR IT!

Because getting rich is straightforward.

It is simple.


But definitely simple.

Keep pushing forward.

Keep doing the work.

Keep serving people.

The more people you serve, the more money you make.


And yet, people want to believe that it has something to do with economy, banks, other rich people, the gap between rich and poor, where they were born, what the colour of their skin is, relationship issues and all of that jazz.

Other people want to believe they can pray and pray and wait for God to come open every door before they have to move, they wait for permission from family, friends, pastors instead of realising that they are the only one responsible for their own success!  No one can take it or give it to you!

Choosing to be poor is all or any of the above excuses or reasons for not moving towards your goals…

Choosing to be rich is simply a case of MAKING A COMMITMENT to do what it takes until it takes…

And not many people make that decision.

They think they do until they try for a month, 6 months, 3 years and still they are not quite there yet and they think they should stop trying and they think they can tell themselves that they tried.

Honey, it takes an internal decision to win or to die trying.

When I talk about Project 334k, I mean it.

I literally have these conversations with myself – I will get there or I will die first – And I mean it, literally…

Yes, I have had success…

Yes, I have deliberately designed a pretty nice life…

But I am not at my ultimate goal yet and I refuse to rest on my laurels…

I will get there or I will die first!

There is no room for gray.

And yes that does mean that sometimes, I feel like a bad mum…

A bad wife…

A bad friend…

I am bored by most people and so choose not to hang out with them any more than I need to because I can feel it bringing me down and causing me to doubt myself – Yes, i am a diva and you may read that and think that I am a snob.


I get this one life and I intend to create EVERYTHING I WANT with it!

And so yes, some may think I am greedy, heartless, selfish and all about the money…

Some may think I just do not understand how hard it is for them…

But those people are usually settled into a mediocre life so what do I care what they think!

I just look at them with amusement as they call me money-driven while their whole life is determined by how much money they have or do not have.  Their work, where they spend a lot of their time,  is determined by money and they call ME money-driven?!!!

How silly!

And how crazy it would be of me to make their opinions cause me to doubt myself and my mission…

And yet, I do, at times…

So I know what it is like to be worried that you are a bit loopy and deluded!

Honey, I know!

And yet, I also know that that is just a fucking waste of my time to indulge in such thoughts and feelings…

Because I am still committed to reaching my goals or to die trying.

So honey, yes, I know you want financial independence…

But are you actually choosing it every single day?

Or are you one foot in and one foot out – which just means you are all the way out!

There is no middle ground if you want it all.

If you want the ‘Because I want to’ life…

And I know some will read this and be disheartened and I wish it were not so…

My heart wants you to see that you can make the decision and just keep moving forward until you win…

But will you do it?

Or will you just be disheartened and then internally quit and give yourself all kinds of reasons why you should just quit externally as well?

So many people have passed through my world and proved themselves to be unable to hack the pressure and the truth is, I KNOW they can hack it…


I see powerful people believing they are weak and helpless but it is not the truth.

They look at me and think I am some kind of machine, automaton, unable to understand their situation…

And all I feel is empathy and sympathy that they are so caught up in their story that they cannot see what they do to themselves.

Honey, break away from the norms.

My company can support you in your quest for financial independence and freedom but it will only work if you make the decision to get rich (whatever that means for you)

I could literally manage all your social media marketing, tell you exactly what to do, get my team to do a lot of it for you but if you have not made the decision and commitment to be wealthy, it will not work because you will sabotage yourself and even the work I do for you at every step of the way.

Seeing obstacles that are simply not there or obstacles that can easily be overcome…

Honey, are you committed to the win?


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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