Want to make a difference and a fortune? Consider this…

I joined a mastermind group and within 18months, I had replaced my income as a pharmacist and built my own business. What could a mastermind group do for you?

Just 6 people in each online group… 60 – 90 minutes together 3 times each month. 1 spot gone – Join Make Stuff Happen Now to take part in the onboarding process each member of the Wealthy Set must go through and if you are up to it, then you will be granted a spot on the Wealthy Set.  Find out more below (the short version)…

or pop over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/makestuffhappen for the full shebang.

Make Stuff Happen Now

You have a passion, don’t you?

A passion to serve other people…

A passion to make a difference…

You know you were not put on this planet to live then die with nothing significant in the middle…

You KNOW everything you have been through, everything you have conquered is something that will make a difference to someone out there and there is a part of you dying to share your story starting now.

Make Stuff Happen NOwIn addition to the above, you also want to life a financially comfortable life…

You want to create wealth easily…

You want to make a fortune…

You want to make sure your family is taken care of…

You want to make sure YOU are taken care of, though this is not as important to you…

And yet…

None of the above is happening!

You are doing well in the eyes of the world but…

Come on!

You know you are fed up of living like this.

You are doing this pretend thing of being small, of being satisfied with the status quo, of being a happy camper when really, you know you are slowly petrifying inside.

You are slowly turning to stone! PETRIFYING!

And you saw your parents do it, you see your friends do it and yes, honey, it is happening to you as well.

You are getting stuck…

So tell me, are you ready yet to do something drastic, break through the solidifying mass that is threatening to keep you trapped and get to work serving the world and making some serious stuff happen?

Are you ready to confront head on the things that keep you bound?

Are you ready for a serious look at the things that are keeping you stuck?

Are you ready to create a whole lot of wealth doing what you want, when you want?

Are You Ready To Start Being, Doing, Having it all and Starting right now?



The Wealthy Set Is Here For You but before you join those small intimate mastermind groups, you have to pass through this.

The 4 week Make Stuff Happen Program…Blaze Your own trail


You begin by joining me for 4 weeks of radical, ground-breaking, transformational revelations that dissolve your current thinking and allow the real you to step up and make stuff happen.

1aDeal with the assumptions & Choose To Be Rich

What makes a good parent, a good partner, a good blah, blah blah. What assumptions keep playing out in your life that you need to absolutely get rid of so you are free to get on and create the life you actually want, rather than the one you think you have to have…

1b – Who on earth do you really want to be and who do you want to serve powerfully?

– Business strategy stuff to take your message global (if you want). Claim who you are, who you choose to be and literally decide to speak only to the people you want to serve.

2a – You Must Believe In Order To Receive

OK, so now you know that it is all a fallacy, how do you get the self confidence to do the work, to step away from what you have always been and start being the person you actually want to be, how can you believe in yourself and your abilities when doing something new…

2b – Call Them Out

Figure out the Opt in – Figure out the Sales Funnel – Start Now To Call the people out who you want to be surrounded with. No wasting time, no dithering – We figure it out and begin.
Week 3a – The Money Stuff – Allowing It To Flow & Flow!
– Allowing yourself to receive wealth while using your strengths – getting past all the nonsense about not charging for what you do, getting past all the nonsense about having to do something you hate in order to fund something you love, It is time to deliberately formulate beliefs that help you rather than hinder you.

3b – Write. Speak. Sell. Repeat.
The simple formula for making sales over and over again.

4a – Getting Out Of Your Own Way – Accepting Your Awesome!

– Avoiding The Self Sabotage – Get the support you need – When you get scared, here are some of the things you might do and they will set you up for a fall. How to stop doing them or even start seeing them so you can deliberately move past them and move right into a life where you are making a difference and making a fortune every single day.


4b – The Wealthy Set Officially Begins For You! (If right for you…)


Anyone with a deep desire to create wealth in their own life and business.  Your business does not matter.  The idea is to have different industries in the same intimate group brainstorming, sharing resources, holding each other accountable.

Are you ready?

This First Group begins on August 10th!

You ready?

It will never be this price again…

Jump on board now and as a bonus, you get to be part of the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Group from the moment you join so we can start the process towards claiming your freedom, fame, riches and so much more.

Imagine the difference it will make to your life to daily be part of a progressive, positive environment where everyone believes you are capable of all kinds of stuff that your friends and family do not quite understand.

OK, enough from me…

It is time for you to take action!

Let’s go! If you are driven and determined to make stuff happen, to create wealth, to make a difference, to be the leader that you are created to be, then…

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Make Stuff Happen Now

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Make Stuff Happen Now

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