If You Want It, You Have To Stop Waiting & Take What You Want By Force

If You Want It, You Have To Stop Waiting

Once upon a time, I lived in Africa and there was a whole lot of need all around me and I lived scared. Unemployment was high, Poverty was high, Choice seemed to be something stored for people in books and people on the other side of the ocean.

I just did what I was told – Well, I tried to – I lived a passive life where I was made to obey the people around me even if I did not want to because they had the money, they had the power and I was just a female without much of a voice.

I was not allowed so many of the things I wanted and I just went along with it all.

I left Africa and moved to a developed country and somehow, I still found myself in places where I gave away much of my power.

I somehow got caught up in a church that seemed to think that being female was a second class thing. No matter how it was coated, I felt second class and I let it continue because I allowed myself to be convinced that the power I felt inside of me, was wrong.

It was supposedly all ego! So, I needed to cut it off. I needed to be humble.

And I bought all the nonsense for a long, long while. I know they meant well (and that is the problem, the ones that hold you back always mean well! – they care for you, you care for them and you want to make them happy so you hold yourself back!)

Finally, I found the courage to walk away from the control and oppression but still, I felt weak inside.

Still, I wanted to hide who I was because whenever I showed up properly, I caused offence and people were unable to deal with me.

I convinced myself that I was flawed and so I tried hard to jump through other people’s hoops in order to be accepted, to fit in, to be loved.

I had dreams of the things I wanted to do but I felt I had to wait for someone else’s timetable!

What utter nonsense!

How long will you wait for it to be your time?

How long will you wait for someone to move out of the way so you can be the leader you know you are created to be?

Or will you realize the only obstacle in your way is YOU?

No one is going to wake up and give you permission to be your strong powerful self!

And even if they did, would you be powerful? If you have to wait to be allowed to be you… What kind of power is that?

Those coat-tails you are hanging on to, worked their bums off to be the powerful people that they are… Why do you think they are just going to hand over the power to you?
If you want something, you have to reach out and grab it!

The message says – The violent take the kingdom by force! Why do you think that you can wait for it to be given you?

You want a successful business – you have to dare to take a hold of it, you have to do whatever it takes. You count the cost, you burn your bridges and you keep moving forward!

You want a great relationship – you have to be the kind of person that attracts a powerful partner, you make yourself available, you don’t play games, you strongly ask for what you want!

You want to be healthy – you have to do the work! No one can do it for you! You do the exercise, you eat right, you do whatever it takes to get your body healthy!

For ages and ages, I lived passively – hoping and praying that someone would finally declare me some kind of a leader…

And one day, I woke up.

Yes, it took bankruptcy, disappointment upon disappointment, it took courage but man, there is no going back.

Finally, I am doing what I am on this planet to do with no apology!

Is everything perfect?

NOPE! But there is nowhere to go except forward!

I have burnt my bridges and I am on the path!

There is no going back!

Freedom is here right now – there is only bondage in my past. Enough of that!

Time and time again, I speak to people who are in bondage and they know it but they do not do anything about it or they are too scared to do anything about it so they stay trapped for longer than is necessary.

But some people decide enough is enough and it is amazing to see them as they push through their challenges and step into the people they always were!

They had just been covered up by life and its craziness.

Together, we strip off the layers and we start creating wealth, not just in their finances and business but in all areas of their life.

Some people take to it, others cannot handle the pressure and back away – All well and cool. I am called to the ones I am called to and the rest are better off elsewhere.

This is my invitation to you…

If you have read to this point and part of you wants to break free of your own shackles and step fully into the person that you, to create a super successful business as well then send me a message requesting a rapid growth conversation.

Please understand, that to work with me requires an investment – Your money, your emotional energy, your action so if that scares you too much, do not message me.

If it scares you and yet, you know you need something to change in your business and life then get in touch anyway. The initial conversation is free and you will change as a result of it. Lots of people find that life is not the same after that initial conversation with me.

I look forward to speaking with you, if you dare. Send me a message now. Make 2015 different!

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