Want More Wealth & An Easier Life? Follow Your Intuition & That Still Small Voice

Creating Wealth

Right now, as I type this on my awesome Samsung Galaxy 2014 Note 10.1, (and if you are a  iPad fan, oh what joys you miss out on 🙂 ), I am sitting next to my youngest in Russells Hall hospital waiting for an appointment booked about 2 years ago to have her toes looked at.

As I drove up to the hospital in a hurry, I realised that I had left my purse at home and of course, all hospitals these days demand that I pay for parking so I almost went into mini- panic as I realised I might have to call the darling hubby to come rescue us or find some alternative place to park as I had left it far too late to go back home to pick up the purse.

And then, a quiet voice inside reminded me of a moment I had had as I left the house in a hurry.

As I picked up my make-up from the mantlepiece (we gotta put our face on, even if in a hurry!),  I had seen a random £10 note and something inside me, said “pick it up”.

And this time, I listened.  I picked it up, placed it in my jacket pocket and promptly, forgot that I had it.

So…back to the present, I was about to launch into panic mode about not being able to get out of the car park and I got another prompt, I put my hand in my pocket and there it was… The random £10 note was there.

And I quietly said “Thank you” to God.

Too many times, I ignore that quiet prompting and usually go on to have a moment of realisation that I shouold have listened as I was being prepared for something.

How many times do you ignore your inner wisdom?

Do you even know you have any wisdom?

Every day, we are guided by wisdom beyond ourselves if we would trust.  We call it coincidence because we have been taught to ignore everything we can’t explain …

And yet, we live on a planet designed to give us all we need to live in abundance and we ignore it, we stop believing and we condemn ourselves to a life limited only to what we can explain.

And it is a very small life.

A very constricted life…

A very narrow, struggling existence…

And yet, all around is abundance, expansion, joy.

Today, choose to listen to the still, small voice inside that seeks to guide you to your best life and business.   Don’t ignore the promptings from within. Pay attention, cultivate the inner stillness and let your life unfold a lot easier than it ever has.

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