If you only want to make money, don’t read this…

Make MOney

There are days when it would seem easier to only be a part of the ‘Make Money’ Crowd!

Don’t get me wrong, I do absolutely want to make a crazy amount of money and I want that for you too, but more, more, more than that, I want my life to have meaning.

Yesterday, whilst at a small business conference, I was listening to a guy tell me all that I already knew about internet marketing. He then peppered his talk with all these testimonials of how people made 20k in a day, 400k in a week etc etc!

Great! Absolutely Amazing! Compelling stuff!

We all want that, right?!

However, the other thing I also found interesting was that the only companion the guru dude seemed to have was a lovely dog and a crazy, amazing dream house.

No picture or mention of kids, no partner, no giving back, no nothing!

OK, so I do not know if the dude has people in his life or not or whether he is a hidden philanthropist or not so I am not judging him by any means – He has done really, really well and I want all the trinkets too.

It just made me think again that I cannot be satisfied with just the trinkets, if I do not have a life I love as well.


Not just any life, I want a life of incredible wealth, meaning and purpose.


I want to make an impact on the world while I am here.


I want to help people make their dreams come true.


I want to help leaders, professionals and business owners, break free of their apathy and I want to start something of a revolution as people fight for the life they want to live.


And I want to be part of a movement of leaders who have all they want and are now willing to impact the planet we live on to make a difference for all the people living in lack all over the globe.

What do you want?

Yes, you want to have lots and lots AND lots of money and I want that for you too.  (Unless, you have a money issue that makes you feel evil for saying you want a lot of money – Deal with that! Money is just a cool vehicle to have)


In some ways, it would be simpler just to want money but you know that money alone does not make you happy (it does make things easier though, right?)


So why not fight for a FULL life – a huge, incredible, happy, wealthy, fulfilled life? A legacy of a life?

That is what I want…  What do YOU actually want?

Listen, if you are ready to fight for a life & business you absolutely adore then join me in getting past the basics of money making so that we can focus on you doing exactly what you want when you want! –

The Warrior ‘Get It Done Already’ Business Launch Day is coming in a week (22nd November)  and on that day, you will:-

  • Get clear on who your people are, so you are not wasting your marketing money chasing after people who are not great for you

  • Put together a straightforward, simple to follow, step by step sales & marketing plan that you can do again and again to create more of an income fast with your business.

  • Learn how to set up a website that actually does something rather than just one that looks pretty.  By the end of the day, you will have one up and running doing what you want it to do – exploding your income.

  • Learn how to stop depending on any one source to generate traffic to your site and attract the right people into your world.

  • Identify the profit opportunities in your market that will enable you to accelerate the growth of your business, whatever stage of business you are in.

  • Leave the warrior day knowing how to do this over and over again easily and attract more customers, more money, more freedom into your life.

  • Create the time and space to just get on with creating the business you want to have with support from a business coach, who has been accelerating the growth of her and her client’s businesses for a pretty good while now.

  • Position yourself as different from all the rest out there so that you become the leader and key person of influence that your people want to buy from without batting an eyelid.

  • Craft your ‘What do you do?’ answer powerfully so that again, you are considered a leader from the start and you become memorable. 

  • Set up your social media presence and start attracting followers who are interested in what you have to offer.

I can only let a maximum of 6 people in because we have a whole lot to do and I want to give you my full attention.  There are only 5 spots left.  It is happening on the 22nd November starting at 9am in Dudley, West Midlands.  You will be welcomed into my comfortable abode & we will get you making money asap!

Are you ready to accelerate your journey to a whole lot more wealth, fulfilment & happiness?  Find out more here… – http://RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/WarriorDay

Or just claim your spot now by clicking here.

Just to say, it will never be this price again – What I intend to do for you and your business on this day is worth so much more than the price so accept this as the launch price for the ‘Warrior Day’! (Never again, though)

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