Want to know why you are not making shed loads of money yet?


You want to make a whole load of money, right?

Or at least you kinda want to in your innermost being but there is a part of you that just thinks that such things are not for you?

You think it is something to be guilty about – the desire for money.

You think you should just be like normal people who pretend that the struggle is all that there is.

And yet, you want more!

You have lots of ideas, you have lots of amazing ideas and yet, something gets in your way when it comes to implementing them.

Whether it is thinking about the security of what you currently do which may be soul draining but at least it pays the bills, right?

Whether it is getting worried about whether you will win parent of the year award if you go full out and create the life and business you want…

Whether it is thinking about all the money you just do not have yet to do all the big dreams you really do have…

Whether it is the fear that you will be exposed as a fraud to the whole wide world and they will all hate you…

Whether it is the fact that somewhere inside of you, you feel you do not deserve to live a great life so you just keep keeping on with the struggle!

Whatever it is, it gets in your way and stops you living life all the way out – You hide yourself, you become less, you die with your dreams inside of you.

Is that really what you want?

Is that really all your life is about?

A life of busywork doing exactly what you know you should not be doing in order to avoid what you should be doing and …

(this is the crazy bit!)

And then wondering why you do not have all the money yet!

It is because you are not fully present yet.

You are not fully showing up.

You are hiding behind convention, behind the rules ‘they’ set and you, the real you, is not on display yet.

Yes, it is scary!

Yes, it will feel overwhelming to start with!

But, how does it feel to stay where you are, right now?

How does it feel to be less than who you are?

How does it feel to be so dissatisfied with your lot?

Is this really all you want?

Because if you keep fighting for it, it will be all you get…

If you were standing right in front of me now, I would tell you just how valuable your ideas are, just how much of a difference you can make, just how much of an impact you were born to make but I can’t tell you so I write it to you.

Don’t be ashamed of your desire for loads of money and don’t be ashamed of who you are.

The one leads to the other…

Realise that!

Do not go to the grave with your dream still alive within you – Wake up! Smell the roses, Time is ticking away and the world awaits you!

Come on now. Open up the gates of flow within you by being who you are, no rules, no passivity, no fear

And watch the money pour in.

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