I have a thing for Shah Rukh Khan (SRK)…

You may not know him.  He is a Bollywood star and I absolutely adore the dude.

I have not given this love affair all that much attention for a little while as I do not speak Indian and watching an Indian movie means I have to actually pay attention for 2-3 hours in order to read the subtitles whereas an English movie can be ignored in the background as I do other things at the same time…

But yesterday, I allowed myself the pleasure of SRK while pretending to look over my numbers for the end of the tax year.

‘Dilwale’ was what I watched.  It was awesome!  Kajol and SRK make an amazing couple.

And just as I expect, there are ups, downs, seemingly unreal powerful bonds between brothers/sisters and unrequited, misunderstood love that goes on for years before everything gets sorted out and the hero (SRK) saves the day and everyone lives happily ever after.

All very cheesy but oh so adorable.

And this morning, I felt Papa say – It is okay to want a fairy tale life…

It is okay to let life be magical and miraculous

It is okay to be loved unconditionally, to relax in that love…

It is okay to let go of the story of struggle, pain and disappointment

It is okay to allow in ease

Now, understand that I am that person who deep down, has wanted to believe in fairy tales but on the surface has felt that everything is hard-won, everything is fought for, everything is ‘shed blood, sweat and tears’ over and no, life cannot be magical flow and ease.

No one is coming to save the day

It is all on you to get off your awesome arse and get to creating your life…

And ok, I still do believe some of that – Just to speak to those spiritual types who are sitting around doing absolutely nothing and using their spirituality as an excuse.

But for us, the ones who do not shy away from the external work, I feel this ongoing sense that we are not doing the internal work…

The internal work that makes life feel easy…

Because life is supposed to be a fairy tale…

We want it to be one…

We have a vision of everything working out gloriously

Of having a story of transformation from struggle to ease.

and as I say, your vision is your permission and so maybe, just maybe, there is room to allow some more magic in.

Maybe, there is room to let go of holding on so tight to old ideas of how hard everything has to be…

To let go of beliefs that every inch has to be fought for.

To actually live that life of faith and trust and MAGIC!

To really believe that all we need to do is speak to those mountains and see them shifted…

All we need to do is see in our mind’s eye, the completed vision and allow it to come to us easily as we act on the intuitive nudge instead of continually doing all the things we hate to do because well, we think we HAVE TO

Has the old way worked for you?

Because as I look back over life and the true successes I have had – they have not come from crazy ‘kill myself’ stuff, it has been the things that happened when I was not fighting so hard to get them – those have been the most fulfilling.

The stuff I shed blood and tears over is usually not all that satisfying and also very limited when I get it.

I am not saying there is no value in physical work, of course there is!

And yet, sometimes, we do that to the detriment of following the call on our hearts and we make life harder.

And we keep doing it too, even when it has proved not to be all that great

But we think there is no other way and so we keep going

Keep pushing, shoving, fighting

And if things come too easy, we immediately start to look for the catch, start to look for it to disappear easy too…

We need to be able to prove to everyone that we worked hard enough to create it or else we feel guilty that we have more than others

Again, we forget the internal work we had to do, to believe when everyone else would have given up and just settled for working hard.

As I conversed with Papa this morning, I went through all kinds of questions with Him…

And as I move into a whole new level of freedom, I invite you to the same thing…

A fairy tale life

Where we simply believe that everything good is ours and it is simply a matter of acting on the intuitive nudge.

We do not have to look around and see what everyone else is doing…

We really can trust the still small voice and only act on that.

We can pick up elevated energy from other people and so we work with them for that…

I know that the biggest thing I have received from coaches and mentors is that sense of possibility, that feeling that my wildest dreams are possible.

It is because of those connections, I have risen above my past circumstances and that I now continue to rise – the environment I was immersed in previously would have made me quit well before I reached even my initial vision of no longer being a pharmacist because it was not the done thing.  In that environment, becoming a pharmacist was the dream and I should have been happy with it.  Who cared that I was not?!  Fairy tales were for chumps and lazy people.  For goodness sake’, people in my old environment made fun of me for marrying for love!!!!!  Can you imagine that?!

If I had not chosen to elevate my environment by working with certain coaches/mentors then who knows what I would be doing now?!

Probably feeling low level depression but trying desperately to ignore it.


I have decided to agree with Papa.

I am going even more deliberately for the fairy tale.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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