Want To Earn Extra Money? Believing These 6 Myths Will Keep You From Blooming

I still remember when I felt the curtains of despair begin to lift after giving birth to my third princess.  I started to think about how to earn extra money whilst working around my three princesses.  I started to think that there must be a a way to do it that did not involve me returning to my professional job as a pharmacist on a full time basis.

Earn Extra Money and Start Blooming

I started to bloom from my long term depression about 2 weeks after giving birth to my third princess.  For the first time in our three babies’ lives, Tloml had to return to work earlier than the 4 weeks he normally took off for paternity leave.  He had to return because we could not afford for his salary to be cut as we were already living on the edge of our finances and if anything else dropped, we might not be able to pay the bills without incurring debt.

It was horrid!

We had to earn extra money somehow!! First of all I considered going back to work but then who would look after the children?  Was it worth it when they were all so young and I would have to pay for childcare anyway?  That childcare cost would eat into any money I brought home, so what was the point?

I know lots of you face these challenges and more so I want to address a six of the myths we all face in the quest to earn extra money.  I will deal with two myths this week and then go on to deal with the rest in the coming days.

  1. I have to return to work in order to earn extra money

    I thought that too.  So I decided to figure out ways to work just in the evenings and weekends to start with, in order to still spend the maximum time with my princesses and not be so dependent on childcare.

    This meant, of course, that there was not enough time for my partner as we were always at work when the other was at home.  Feasible for a time but not for the long term as I wanted to build a strong family as well as have extra money.

    Also, if you are a single parent, then there is never someone else to take care of the kids so evenings and weekends just do not work for you unless you have support.

    In this day and age, there are other ways to earn extra money that do not require you to go back to work.  Yes, it takes effort but it is not impossible and I, as well as many others, are testament to that fact.  With enough grit and determination, you CAN make it work.

  2. Starting a business will demand a lot of money

    This is one I come across a lot of the time.  Clients that I work with generally start by telling me how they do not have enough resources to do this or do that and usually, we have to start the process of coaching by debunking that idea.

    I do not believe you have to have loads of money to start a business.  Yes, it can help but at some point the money will run out unless you become creative about using the resources you do have.  Creativity, which we all have, is the most important aspect of business.

    Figuring out ways to create a business despite a lack of substantial funds is key and something we all need to do.  Being willing to do whatever it takes is also key.  Not having enough money is never ever a limitation, unless we make it one.

Ok, I will stop there for today as this article is long enough for now.  Do you resonate with these two ‘myths’?  Do you struggle with believing there is another way? Do you have any questions on this?  Please do ask away in the comments below and also join me this evening for a No Cost webinar that will answer a few of your questions about starting a business from home, building your business and building a more empowered life.  Fill in the boxes below to register and I look forward to seeing you there.

Here is Part 2 of this post on the Examining the 6 myths you may have about how to earn extra money at home.

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