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WANT TO CREATE HUGE AMOUNTS OF WEALTH- -There is something inside of each of us that wants to be great. There is something inside each of us that knows there is more than this mundane life that too many people lead.

And yet at the same time, there is a power, a force within that attempts and mostly wins at keeping us thinking small, keeping us in our place looking up to other people as though they are in some way different from us.

You know they are not different, really but by thinking that they are somehow stronger, wiser, bolder than you are, you can excuse the fact that you are not living the life you know you are designed to live.

You can tell yourself that they had it better than you in some way. You can tell yourself that if you had their advantages then of course, you too would be living a great life.

OR maybe, on some days, you tell yourself that you are being humble. You tell yourself that everyone cannot be great – Some people have to be the underdogs of the world and it is humility to know your place. You tell yourself that it would be wrong to want more than what you have and so you stay stuck, feeling more and more discontent but you feel it is a bad thing to allow yourself to want more.

You remain tiny while self-righteously looking at those who are out in the battlefield, working out their internal struggles in the public eye, making mistakes that everyone judges and you tell yourself that you are better off. You are more spiritual… or so you think.

All the while, something screams inside of you that there must be more than this!

You shut it down.

You carry on with life…

You keep doing the mundane, pointless things that do not make you come alive…

You feel you must continue to live this half life…

And all the time you KNOW that there REALLY MUST BE MORE.

Listen, friend… there is more. You know it and yet, it seems I must remind you. On this planet, there are people living the life you dream of so why not you?

Yes, some people were born to it but MOST people worked their socks off and faced their inner demons to claim the life they were born to create.

Why not you?

Yes, there are every day challenges, there are bills to pay, there are children to feed, but is that going to be a good enough reason to have lived a half-life?

When you get to the end of life… Will your excuses be enough?

I know mine will not be. I know all my grand reasons why I hide my light will not be sufficient to keep me from feeling a deep sense of regret that I was not more daring, more bold, more courageous to claim the life I instinctively knew was mine to create.

I get the choice every day to stay hidden & small or to revel in my greatness.

And you too get that choice.

How many ways can I remind myself of this and also remind you… We are here for a reason, we are part of the evolution of this planet. Each one of us has a part to play and while we play small, the planet suffers as a result.

You may think you are too small to matter but it is a lie!


Start to live from there…

Ask yourself,

‘If I truly believed that I mattered, What would I be doing?’

‘If I truly believed that I mattered, how would I spend my time?’

‘If I truly believed I mattered, who would I allow myself to be?’

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Much Amazing Love

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