So, there you are…

Struggling to get people into your business / clinic / practice…

You have a service that people need but they are just not coming to your door in the droves you imagined when you put up your shingle!

Frustrating, right?!

You know you have something amazing!


And yet still…  It just is not working!

And you are persistent, oh so persistent but you can see the disappointment in the eyes of your kids, your partner, YOUR OWN DAMN EYES AS WELL!

And it is getting harder and harder to stay on the narrow path – What to do?  Oh What to do?!!!

Well, honey, I feel your pain…

I have been there and it is a tough spot to be in.

Especially when you know that you can help people and you desire this life where you get to do what you want to do with people you want to do it with and only at times when you want to do it – You want that!

And you can have it.  There is absolutely no reason for things not to work out but here are a few key ideas to bear in mind…


This is the thing – you know what your clients need, what they really need!

But they don’t!

They have a PERCEPTION about what their need is and unless you can speak in that language, they will simply ignore you.  Because they just don’t think you know what they want or that you can solve their problem.

And so there you are, telling them exactly what they need and trying to get their attention with what you KNOW they need but they cannot hear you.  It all sounds great but it does not sound like the solution they are looking for so honey, listen closer, be more interested in the language that they use to describe their pains and talk in that language.

And if you are an expert in your field, do not be SOOOO professional that no one understands what you are offering!

I can talk about sales funnels to you but if you have never heard the term used before, you will not know that that is the most effective way to get clients consistently, will you?! And so, if all you ever hear from me is about sales funnels because I KNOW that that is what you need, but you don’t perceive that as a need then you don’t give a damn about what I am selling – You will simply look for someone telling you how to get more clients.


Their languaging will get your attention more than mine will, right?

So, are you speaking to your prospective clients’ perceived need?


Most spirit-driven entrepreneurial leaders do not want to push themselves on their prospects and that ain’t a bad thing EXCEPT when you are going too far in the direction of not really telling them enough times for them to notice that you are alive!

What you call pushy may not even be noticed by your person.

Just mentioning something once on email or on social media is no assurance that the message is getting through!

They may not even have opened the email or seen the update and there you are, telling yourself that you tried!


I don’t think so!

Get creative, leader!  Tell them in different ways, in NUMEROUS ways how to work with you.

Tap into Source and ask for creative ideas and then act on them as they bubble up within you!

Don’t hold back!  Behave like you really believe in what you are selling!  and tell them, tell them, TELL THEM!


Pick a price for your services that feels good to you and have confidence in it!

Again, most spirit-driven entrepreneurial leaders think that any problems with getting clients comes down to their pricing but it does not!  It comes down to whether you are thinking it is your pricing and so then you show up in the marketplace weakly because you have internally convinced yourself that it is the price!


There is always a buyer at every price point.  the question is whether you are doing enough to find them.

Or are you so focused on what your price is, that you forget to notice that you are spending more time worried about your price than simply getting your message out to the people who are likely to respond.

Be confident about your pricing and stop thinking the answer to everything is to reduce your price.  Maybe, the problem is elsewhere!


And the next thing leaders end up worrying about is whether they are professional enough!

And again, they spend so much time worrying about this and they attribute all problems to this, instead of recognising that while they worry about this, they are NOT getting the message out!

And there are all kinds of buyers in the market – Those that will be intimidated by you being super-professional and those who will not buy anything because you are not professional enough for them.

Why not simply start where you are?  Work with clients that are happy with who you are and gradually upgrade until you get to the level that you want to be at!


Most ‘lack of client’ issues will be resolved if you made a commitment to show up daily, do the work of calling in your perfeect clients and tell them how you can help them.

Write those blogs and end with a call to action…

Do those videos and end with a call to action…

Spread the word around and make it know what the next step to working with you, is…

Write those adverts telling people simply how you can help them…

Do it all and do it FREQUENTLY!

And do not let your marketing be dependent on how you feel on any given day!  Simply make a decision to show up EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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Much Amazing Love

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