Video Marketing: How You Can Use Videos To Get Engagement and Loyal Customers

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Video Marketing:  How You Can Use Videos To Get Engagement and Loyal Customers

Most entrepreneurs will agree that videos tend to get more engagement than a lot of other means of promoting a business.  Unfortunately, you may be nervous about having the right material to get yoru video out of the door.  Here are a few ideas to make it simple and help you get that video created and made today.

1.    Define Your Target Audience

As with all marketing, get clear on whom you are speaking to.  What kinds of things do they want to learn about? What kinds of things do you know about that you can link with what they want to learn?

Are they prospects who may buy from you?  Or are they people you hope will get you referrals?  Be clear in your mind who you are talking to.

2.    Choose an end goal

Decide what action you want your listeners to take when they finish the video.  Are you just trying to engage further with current customers or get your prospects to move closer to being a customer?  OR maybe you want them to share and leave their comments.  Whatever it is, get clear before you begin to create the video.

3.    Repurpose your old content

Have you created an article in the past that got a lot of attention?  Then why not reuse it to create a video that goes viral.  This is a simple way to get your videos out.  In fact, this could be a strategy that you use over and over to increase your blanket of expert content on the internet.  Whatever you record can also be transcribed too.

4.    You do not need fancy equipment

A lot of people stop short of making the video because they think they need special equipment to do it but in this day and age of the smartphone and tablets, it is possible to do your video using a selfie-stick.  Do not let a lack of equipment be the thing that gets in the way of your art.  Use whatever you have immediately to hand and create your masterpiece.  Your people are more concerned about the content than they are the professionalism.  You can get more professional if you choose later on in the growth of your business.

5.    You do not need to show your face

The biggest fears people have about video is the fact that they feel they must show themselves up.  This is not true – Yes, it will help your prospects bond more closely with you if they see you regularly on video speaking to them but you can just record your screen.

Having your voice playing constantly in their heads is a pretty useful way to get more people buying from you.

Don’t allow fear to be the reason you do not get your content out in the world.  Be brave and do the work.

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