You have God power flowing through you.

You have the power of the universe backing you up.

Why the heck do you keep wimping out?

Why the heck do you just keep sitting on the fence, undecided about what direction to go in?

I understand life has been freaking painful.  People have hurt you. People have misunderstood you. There are so many responsibilities on you. Living your vision seems impossible… I get it.

And yet, you have victory in your veins. It is inevitable that you win at whatever you truly commit to.

Look at your life, you have ALWAYS won at whatever you focused on – ALWAYS.  Of course, the problem is that you focused on a lot of the wrong things and then wondered why the bad stuff kept happening!!!


Dare you be so honest with yourself?


Yes, i know you had moments at church or whatever happy place you went to a few times a week – you would make yourself promises about how when you left this place, you would change things FOR SURE.  you felt high on life as you communed with God, maybe, or got lost in the music but then you would tumble back down to earth and spend the remaining 20 hours of each day, focused on all the stuff you did not want, all the people who annoyed you and treated you badly, all the drama, noise, and nonsense that others brought into your life.

And because you focused there for a lot of your time, you got more and more and more of it!

YES, you were winning!


It is time to get very deliberate about where you place your focus and attention.  It is too powerful for you to keep ruminating and going over things you dislike.

It is CRITICAL that you understand your own power to create or else, like a child behind the wheel of a sports car, there will continually be disasters.


And you are a born champion

CHOOSE, my love

What do you really want?

Choose it

Focus on it

Write it out

Picture yourself as the one who created it

Refuse to be impressed by the physical reality

Refuse to keep reacting to the physical reality

FOCUS and respond to what you have CHOSEN DELIBERATELY to create

You have victory in your veins

DELIBERATELY fight for and create the life you truly TRULY want!

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See you in group.


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