Using Facebook Ads To generate More Leads, More Customers, More Profits

By August 16, 2015May 7th, 2020Entrepreneur

Using Facebook Ads To generate More Leads, More Customers, More Profits

There are so many options available to you, as an entrepreneur, with Facebook Ads (as long as you obey their terms and conditions, of course). It is the most precise way of reaching new customers. You can really define your ideal client to practically their shoe size, thanks to the data Facebook has on all of us.

This is pretty handy for targeting the right type of person on Facebook. And as it has grown, there have been an increasing number of ways to use their adverts manager to get your message before over a billion people if you so choose.

Here are a few ideas for you to implement.

1. Do Not Use the Profile Page

Instead of using the profile page to promote yourself, use a business page. Use the adverts manager to get a Page Likes advert going and only invest one to two dollars each day and see your page grow. Yes, it is great for social proof, which will get you a few more customers but that is not the only reason to do it. Do it because you can now build relationship with the people on your page and so when you ask them to move over to your mailing list, they are less likely to ask Facebook to hide your posts.

Get People Onto Your Mailing List

As mentioned, you can get people onto your mailing list easier when they already know you on your business page. So, rather than targeting a lot of people on the more expensive ‘clicks to website’ facebook advert, choose instead to target the people you have on your page. Send them special offers and get them onto your mailing list.If they have spent any time on your page at all, then they are used to what you have to say and if they like you , they are more likely to join your mailing list.

Use Video Adverts

Videos drive a lot of engagement and it is worth using them to get people into your world. Currently, Facebook is definitely encouraging people to use videos as they are getting considerably more organic reach than normal image and text updates get.However, take it one step further and get more views on your videos by using your video as a Facebook advert. The cost of getting attention on your update, when in video form, is considerably less expensive than doing adverts on text or images.

Use Post Engagement Ads

You may wonder why you need to do these as you would prefer for people who like your page to see everything and like everything without you having to pay anymore to reach them.  And yes, you could get annoyed with Facebook for asking you to pay again to reach the fans you paid to get on the page in the first place but that is just a  waste of time.  Facebook, like you, is a business and possibly, unlike you, has shareholders to satisfy so they have to fund their platform.  You and I, the business owners and entrepreneurs, have to reach our prospects and so we pay Facebook for the privilege and frankly, we stop griping about it!The main reason we pay to boost posts is strategic.  The people who engage with your content regularly are more likely to move up your sales funnel with you.  As you draw them more and more into your world, you polarize people.  Some will love you and others will hate you and those who love you will then choose to take the next step with you.Your content is so important to engagement and to future and current sales.  You are going to have a more loyal customer if you expose them more to your way of thinking than if you try to get them buying from you at the outset.

Don’t Go Crazy

Just because there are Facebook adverts and they are currently the most cost-effective way of reaching new prospects, please do not go crazy.  If there is no foundation of content in your business, then do not expect major things to happen.  Before shelling out a lot of money on adverts, make sure there is a base of content to draw people into your world.  As already mentioned, you do want to increase engagement with you and you do that via your content, whether on your blog or on Facebook itself.
Enough for now.

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