Do You Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Business?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent way to connect with prospects and it is also pretty inexpensive to do.

Learning how to make it happen consistently is a key part of growing your business.

The thing is, most small business owners and entrepreneurs do not know how to use email marketing well.  They, more than likely, get pretty nervous about sending out emails because they are worried that people will unsubscribe and then they will have no one to send emails to and then their business will fall apart and then … well, nothing!

So, then they send no emails or send them soooo irregularly that they have no growth from the use of email marketing and so they decide that email marketing does not work.

Email marketing does work.  It works really well.

So, if it is not working for you, the thing to consider is that you are not using it properly.

And rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater, it may be time to consider how to make it work better for you.

There are many statistics out there to prove that emails, when used appropriately, work (Google it if you doubt me!).

So, tell me, are you ready to discover how to make emails work for you?

And, in terms of all the fairly few unsubscribes you will get, they were never going to buy from you anyway and it costs you to keep people who are not YOUR people on your mailing list…

So, just let them go.

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