There are certain negative challenges that we seem to just accept.

We tell ourselves that it is just the way it has always been and it is the way it will always be.

Whether these are health challenges – Well, my dad had it so it is inevitable that I too will have it.


Or money challenges – Well, it is hard to make money. My parents struggled for every red cent and so I guess it will always be like that for me. Or You have to do what you hate to do for money – It is the way the world works and I just need to get on with it and do what I want in my spare time.


Or relationship challenges – My mum could not keep a man so I guess I too may always struggle or I have to be subservient in a relationship and compromise on everything in order for it to work.


Or success challenges – I have to work hard in a job that I do love to make money.  I cannot be fulfilled at work.

REALLY?!!!! Why!

We just accept what those who are supposedly more knowledgeable than we are, tell us.

Be it parents who try to convince you to just stay within the cultural lines.

Or friends, teachers, bosses, the freaking TELEVISION!

Well, I say NO!

Just because it has always been that way, does not mean it has to stay that way.



I choose to be forerunner, pioneer, way shower.

I choose to be the one who breaks these patterns and allows the new generation to see there is another way.

Are you done yet?

Are you ready to rise up as forerunner, pioneer, way shower as you step into your true design life?

If there is even a slight inkling inside of you that there must be more than what everyone around you settles for, then it is up to you to dare to show the way.

Will you?

I invite you to grab a copy of the eBook I am giving away for free – SPIRIT SPEAKS – 15 Divine messages to help you find and fulfil your life’s purpose because it will remind you of what you are truly capable of when you DECIDE to be all you can be.

Much Amazing Love

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