Unstoppable Confidence


The 20 Day Bootcamp: Drop The Self-Doubt, Tap Back Into Your Spiritual Power To Recharge, Reinvigorate And Level Up Your Physical Reality. Now Is The Time To Align Yourself With Increased Prosperity


For too long, you have succumbed to a sense of life taking over and giving you limes…  

Is that even a saying?!  

But I think you get what I mean 😄 (unless you love limes 🙂, in which case think of something yucky)  

You know you are born to do great things  

And yet, it feels like nothing great is happening  

You know you are called to make a difference  

And yet, it feels like you are using all your energy to stay afloat  

You know you are born to see more of the world  

And yet, it feels like you are blessed to see more than 10 miles around your home and work and religious organisation  

And your confidence has taken a beating  

You were so sure of how life was going to play out… once…  

You were so sure you were going to break free and conquer things…once...  

You were so cocky, so sure, so full of confidence…once...  

And then, time kept passing along…  


If anything it felt like some things were getting worse…  

And worse  


And you started to wake up wondering if this was it…  

You wondered where that brash, bold, young thing had gone…  


You used to do your own thing but now you feel too scared to break free from the status quo… 

Too many demands on you…  

Too many expectations of you…  

Too many responsibilities…  

And you feel unable to break loose...  


And you want your real self back!  

You can feel the whisper of Spirit within you, reminding you…  

Calling you back to who you really are…  

You sense that you could be on the edge of a breakthrough if you can just find the courage to step a little out of the comfort zone  

Well, let me support you…  

Let me give you some simple ideas, simple strategies to wake you up  

No, this is not about being pushed out of the boat  

That would simply scare you and keep you trapped...  

This bootcamp is an internal one…  

It is about changing what you are agreeing with…  

It is about immersing you in a new way of thinking, being acting  

And once you are fully immersed in this new way, you will not be able to help but explode out of the comfort zone and claim back the life that you know you are born for.  

I KNOW you, honey!  

I see beyond the layers that events and circumstances have placed on you  

I am called to wake you up…  

To re-mind you of who you are…  

And how powerful you truly are  

And so, you are invited to…


This is a 20 part audio and worksheet bootcamp. Day 1 is delivered, via email, immediately and then, another part is delivered every day for 5 days on, 2 days off until you receive all 20 parts.

20 Part Bootcamp: 5 days on, 2 days off  

🔴 Discover how to get back in touch with the very heart of you - Your divine centre - so that you feel more powerful each and every day  

🔴 Discover how to clear all that is holding you back and keeping you from your highest good - Doubts and fears can literally keep you form your good. Let that not be the case any longer  

🔴 Simple strategies to manifest your vision faster, easier and more powerfully than ever before  

🔴 Get Back in touch with your intuition and never ever lack for wisdom again - No more wondering if you are simply talking to yourself and be absolutely certain how you are being led  

🔴 Distil out your divine superpowers - Everyone has these from birth but we are trained in this physical reality to live based simply on the 5 senses which leaves us without our innate power to deliberately design a prosperous, opulent life  

🔴 Immerse yourself in 20 Simple short ideas delivered 5 days on, 2 Days off with quick simple inner-power-strengthening tasks (on a worksheet) to supercharge your self-confidence and put you back on the path to claiming your prosperous and opulent real life. You were not placed on this planet to struggle and strive for every little thing, PROSPERITY IS YOUR DIVINE RIGHT and this will go a long way to you claiming it  

🔴 Determine what you want, decide to create it and refuse any longer to let anyone or anything stop you as you grow in unstoppable confidence. THIS IS YOUR TIME!


When you join Unstoppable Confidence, you will get an invite to the Miracle Group where the Deliberate People Gather...

Come in for daily support and also, get access to this growing library which includes...

🔴 5 Hidden Reasons Why Spiritual People Doubt Themselves & What to Do To Turn It Around To Self-Belief - Audio training  

🔴 How to Monetize Your Purpose - Video training  

🔴PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE - The eBook on how to get clear, stay clear and take action to get what you desire out of life - Book and Audio transcript  

🔴SHARE YOUR VOICE! – The Step-by-step Online Business Checklist For Spiritual Peeps Ready To Shine Their Light!  

🔴 THE SUCCESS RESOURCE: 70 Simple Secrets Of A More Fulfilling, Successful Life This contains:  

- Discover The Foundation Of Success - Revealed: How To Grow Business &&Increase Your Income - How To Overcome Procrastination - What To Do When You Make Mistakes - How To Be More Productive &&Reach Your Goals - How To Be More Confident - How To Deal With People To Achieve A Mutual Benefit - How To Make Money Doing What You Love  

🔴 SPIRIT SEX STORY STRATEGY Video Training: How Your Spirituality, Sexuality, Story Affect Your Results & How To Utilize It All For More Growth  

🔴 THE EXIT PLAN: eBook on How To Make The Transition To The ‘Because I Want To’ Lifestyle As A Spirit-Driven Entrepreneurial Leader!  

🔴The Foundation For Hearing The Divine & Get Clear On Your Purpose - Video Training  

🔴THE SPIRITUAL MAVERICK VIDEO TRAINING SERIES - Live free of 'the rules', Fulfilled in Your Purpose & create Prosperity in Every Area - Trust Your Gut - The Power Of Clarity - Shed The Shitty Limits  

🔴 THE BUSINESS GROWTH PACK which contains - The Marketing Blueprint – Free eBook that gives you a step-by-step process of getting more customers who buy into your business  

 - 4 Daily Musts: The 4 Simple Actions You Must Do Each Day To Get Results In Your Business  

- The Business Health Check – 10 reasons your business is not working and simple things you can do about it – How does your business compare?  

- The Content Creation Technique That Makes Business Growth Easy – How To Create Blog Posts in 15 minutes or less while positioning yourself as an expert in your marketplace so people choose you and your business to buy from  

- 8 Steps to A More Profitable Solopreneur Business Infographic  

- Retrain Your Brain – 7 Keys to get your brain in the right place for business and personal success.  

- Replace Your Income With An Online Business – How To Create, Promote and Make Money From A Digital Product In A Week, Even If Never Done Before.  

- How To Make A Dent On The Planet – Video Training  

- For Network Marketing Professionals – A 5 Step Process to build a huge team automatically. How to be the person everyone wants to sign up under and how to accelerate your way through your profit plan starting now. No cold lists, no warm lists, just lots of team members.  

- For Coaches & Alternative Health Practitioners – 10 Steps To Get More Clients & Boost Your Coaching Practice Using Facebook – Discover A Step by Step Process To Fill Up Your Client Diary.  

🔴 THE TRANSITION AFFIRMATION: Audio training on how to transition from stuckness and lack to a place of wholeness, prosperity and opulence.  

🔴Go Away Guilt - Audio training on the ONE Crucial Idea EVERY SPIRITUAL PERSON Must Know To Handle Guilt Once & For All  

🔴 NO MORE ANGER - Audio training on the Simple 2 Step Daily Anger Management Plan For Determined Spiritual People Ready For Peace  

🔴RELEASE. RELEASE. RELEASE! Audio training: 5 Keys to letting go of the limiting beliefs and negative mental states that keep you from a life of freedom, fulfilment and abundance.  

If you are done with giving into self-doubt, come join UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE and tap into your power now.


I am Rosemary Nonny Knight - The Prosperity Minister. Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist working harder and harder to stay afloat and in the end, I did not win that battle - Bankruptcy, depression followed and I felt like a failure.

It took changing tactics from simply working harder to taking responsibility for my inner nonsense.

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to their default state, they were simply unable to do the work consistently, no matter how excited they may have been at the start.  

I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired, the business they desired. 

And this is one of those areas...  

One of the areas that most people do not pay any attention to...  

And it keeps them trapped living a life that feels YUK! If you do not live to your true design, how can you ever be happy? 

Think about it!

I am called to equip 334000 people to live a more deliberate life, opening up to prosperity and making their dent on the planet. I truly believe it is up to the individual person to stop living as though they are too small to make a difference and to wake up to the fact that YOU being YOU makes a HUGE difference on the world.

This simple 14 part program is one way to equip you with the internal and external tools of prosperity.

And I make it incredibly affordable for anyone serious!

Join me now by clicking the button below...