Unlimited Power Could Well Be Yours If… You Would Just Take It!

Unlimited PowerWithin you lives unlimited power and yet you walk around as though you are weak.


Each one of us has a reason for being here. I see it like a jigsaw puzzle – where each piece was designed to fit in a particular place and when we live according to our values and our bent, we are bringing more prosperity and joy to the world because we are completing the picture.


Yes, it may take you some time to work out what your ‘thing’ is but never doubt that you have a ‘thing’!


You know that dream inside of you that maybe you doubt will ever happen – That may be a part of your thing and as you choose to dare to actually make that thing a reality, your whole world opens up.


At the moment, I see a lot of people sooo caught up in their challenges, their problems, their doubts, their fears, their limitations and they forget that we are all linked to something beyond what we can see.


And that ‘something’ has incredible power and as we come together as a people determined to be lights in the world, we can change the course of the planet.


Big thinking, I know! Especially if you feel small but I am calling you out!


Let the REAL YOU Stand up!


Yes, all around, there is scarcity and lack but it is because we have allowed it to happen.


I come from a very lack-filled place – I know the pain, the fear and all that stuff. I now choose to walk in abundance, love, joy and NO, it is not always an easy road.


It is in fact the narrow road. The wide road is to live in scarcity and lack, suffering and weakness – This is the easy path.


The narrow road however, demands that you face all this stuff and find joy and abundance despite the scarcity all around you.


The world descends into competition, judgements, comparison, entitlement and all that rubbish and you have to stand out and away from all that stuff if you want to be a wealthy warrior.


You really do have within you unlimited power & the capability of facing your pain, dissecting it and letting it go so you can stand in abundance and wealth.


Do not be scared of it!


Going through the pain you feel, living the way you do, will bring you out to a new place of wealth if you will believe that there is more to you than meets the eye; If you will form an alliance with people who are facing bravely, their own inner demons.


Together, nothing is impossible.


If you have not already done the free 7 day course, do it now – Let it open your mind to the possibilities available to you.

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