Unique Selling Point? Do You Know What Yours Is?

Unique Selling PointSetting up a business these days is something lots of people consider so knowing your unique selling point is absolutely essential in order to remain competitive.

The question customers are always asking is “why should I choose your business over the one next door or the one next on the google search result?” and being able to answer that question in a way that attracts your ideal clients is absolutely essential.

The other question customers are asking is “why should I spend my money at all?” so being able to provide a compelling reason is essential.

Clients I worked with in the past felt they were just bog standard companies with nothing unique.  The point they were missing, before we got going, was that it does not need to be something amazing, it just needs to be a difference you can prove time and time again.

How do you do this?  How do you create your own unique selling point or proposition or USP as some people call it?

Well, lets us consider a toy store – What could be unique about that?

  1. Availability of Product – If we do not have it in store right now, we can get it for you anywhere in the world within a week and deliver it right to your door.
  2. Who? – We cater specifically to children with special needs – We know exactly what you need
  3. Speed and convenience?  Can’t come into store? Order on the website and it will be delivered to your home within 2 days
  4. Time in business? – We have been supplying toys to UK homes for the last 20 years and we will carry on doing so for another 20.
  5. Range ?  – Whatever gift you need, we have the Hugest range of toys in the country.  No one beats us for quantity
  6. Quality? – These are home made toys that are made to order – Safety guaranteed

What of your product or service?  How could you position it differently?

Consider this – in order to grab a section of an established market, it will help you greatly if you

  • Make your business, in some way, better than the competition

  • Make it SEEM better than the competition.

The unique selling point must also be of benefit to the buyer or else there is absolutely no point to being unique.

Think in terms of better prices, faster service, better guarantee, better quality, convenience etc.  Keep it simple but keep it unique.

What Unique selling point can you use in your business?  Think about it and if you need some assistance with working something out for you then pop on over to the Business Strategy Session page to claim your spot and it will be one of the things we work on together when we start our work together to double your business.

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