You keep waiting for more signs to do what you know you want to do…

You keep waiting for more assurances that it will definitely be okay if you give yourself permission to act on that which you desire

You keep waiting for me to speak some magical words that will shake you free of the uncertainty that keeps you straddling the fence of your own life.


Should I stay in the chronic pain of underearning, under-achieving and over-giving to unappreciative people? (At least I know what to expect here…)


Do I dare commit to getting on my TRUE DESIGN path where I just might get everything that I desire ( but supposing I don’t) 

And so, even though you KNOW you need to commit to getting on the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE, PURPOSE & A 6 FIGURE+ INCOME…

You choose to remain on the fence, waiting, waiting, waiting for more and more reassurances…

And your uncertainty about what you already know you need to do, is killing your future.

Just being blunt, my love.

You sit, watch and wish you could be living ‘THAT’ life where you have the freedom, the fulfilment, the money, the love you know should be yours…

But then you keep doing all you have done to create the life you do not love or want anymore…

How long, my love?

HOw long will you keep denying yourself the life you actually want?

When will you trust yourself?

When will you trust the whisper of the Divine within you?

When will you learn to act fast on the deep knowing within your heart, rather than continually dilly-dally, procrastinate and delay?

Every single time, you make the choice not to DECIDE and move, you tell yourself that you are not to be trusted…

You tell your subconscious mind that you do not really want what you claim to want

And so you keep getting nothing.

And your frustration keeps growing

Your despair keeps growing

And you keep trying to drown it out by getting overly involved in noise, nonsense and drama

then you use that as a reason why you cannot commit to your own TRUE DESIGN path ( I have no time, all my money is tied up in saving THAT person from their own craziness and so on)

There is a part of me that says that if I have to work this hard to get you to move then why even bother?

I will probably spend half my life, trying to keep you on path and frankly, the transition to the TRUE DESIGN path is challenging enough for the committed, how much more for the one who is committed to straddling the fence???

So, in some way, I do not even want to speak to you.

YOur choice to be uncertain will destroy you and there is nothing I can do about that…

And yet…



Maybe this time, you are finally in enough pain that you will COMMIT to your own evolution and DECIDE FULLY to create the life and business you want.

Maybe this time, you will finally see that NO ONE, except you, can DECIDE whether you will win or not…

Maybe this time, you will finally see that YOU ARE THE ONE WITH ALL THE CHOICES.

Maybe this time, you will FINALLY SEE that you are the only one that can answer the question of whether getting on your TRUE DESIGN path will work or not… (yes, I am just saying it again, slightly differently, for emphasis!)

After all, if you refuse to quit, how can you actually fail?

I still remember my multi-millionaire mentor/coach answering my question back in 2014/15 – “What does it take to get where you are, the millions, the big audience, the freedom etc?”

The answer: Just never quit.

It seemed so simple

I could do that, I told myself…

And now, 7/8 years later, I realise just how mentally/emotionally/physically tough it is to ‘just never quit’

It is so simple

And yet, for most, it will seem to be the hardest thing you have ever done… (even though, most of us have gone through CRAZY HARDER things – this kind of ‘HARD’ demands that you trust yourself and you are low on self-trust, aren’t you?)

So I understand why you would rather straddle the fence with all your excuses and reasons and blah, blah, blah…

You would rather choose the certainty of under-achieving, under-earning and painful over-giving…

You are scared to go all in and potentially prove to yourself that you do not have what it takes to ‘just never quit’

And yet, can you not see that you have already mastered ‘just never quit’?

Can you not see the strength it takes to ‘just never quit’ at this life you do not even like?

Why not use that power for a life you DO want?

Why not use that strength to ‘JUST NEVER QUIT’ on your true design path?

Of COURSE, you have what it takes…

You have been ‘JUST NEVER QUIT’ ing forEVER

Just on the wrong path.

You have overcome SOOOO MUCH

You have stood while many fell

OF COURSE, you can ‘JUST NEVER QUIT’, on your true design path


And there I go again, trying AGAIN to help you see things differently


The choice is yours

Choose fake uncertainty as you, VERY CERTAINLY, stay trapped in a life you hate


Do what you have known you need to do since I started telling you about the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track

You are still loved whatever you choose…

Just know you are choosing, even when you pretend not to know what to do…

Death of your dreams


The Birth of Life in all its fullness

If you are ready to trust yourself and MAKE A DECISION to just never quit, then come do life with me in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track

Come ready to play full out because I am not your saviour

YOU are your own saviour.

I can support

I can help you see where you hold back

I can teach you how to heal and clear so that you stop sabotaging yourself

I can give you clear business and life strategies that will work when you apply them…

I can empower, inspire and hold you accountable to your own vision and dreams

But YOU are the only one who can decide to ‘JUST NEVER QUIT’

If you are ready to redirect your power, strength and energy to creating a fulfilling life and highly profitable 6 figure or more spiritual business doing what you want to do to change lives and make a difference, CLICK HERE NOW and come join in.

I look forward to doing life with you, Deliberate Millionaire.

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