You have something that can help people

You are the freaking light of the world

The marketplace needs you with your products, service, books, music, art, business opportunity

And yet, you play small.

Yet, you try to be all shy with it

You apologise for putting content out there

You second-guess and judge yourself

You do not want to be too much of a bother to people

And so no one sees you.

They don’t even know you are there

And you are hungry

Your children are hungry

Your partner wonders why you keep messing with this hobby of yours

And you are stuck in a job that you do not love

Doing things you do not love

For people you do not love

And all because you are trying not to be too much of a bother


The Divine looks on at you with bemusement

Why the heck do you say that you want to succeed but then all your actions seem to suggest that actually, you are happy with life the way it is?

Honey, WAKE UP!

You are messenger of light

You have something that will change lives and make a difference, right?!

It is about more than just the money to you

WELL, TELL THE WORLD BOLDLY and with no apology

Do not apologise for sending the emails

Do not be sorry for putting out the social media posts

Do not be shy about showing up in the private messages

BOLDLY invest in your advertising

DO NOT APOLOGIZE for being the leader


Shine your light DELIBERATELY

And allow yourself to prosper

You are worthy of the best of everything so stop with this playing small thing you do

I consider it your responsibility to show up and shine that light so brightly that those who do not like you, will have no choice but to hate on you and walk away into their darkness

Do not be afraid of those people – they ain’t your people and the quicker you filter them out, the quicker you can get to those who need what you have

So show up

Shine that light

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It is time to identify and eliminate those mental blocks to success that keep you stuck in place when you could be shining that light, growing your income and living life on your own terms.

It is time to be free

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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