It will feel unending at times.

The wait.

You will wonder if the end will ever come.

Or should I say, the start.

The start of something new.

The start of your break through.

The miracle you have been holding on for.

The answer to prayers prayed for years.

And yes, it is coming.

You must face into the fear.

You must do the thing you fear to do.

You must step out bravely.

The ultimate test of faith.

Will you be caught?

Or will you fall into the nothingness?

And can you trust that whatever happens, you will be fine?

Can you trust that the Divine really does have your back?

Can you lean so far into your edge that there is no way back except to be caught?

Most will see the abyss and run back to safety.

The safety of the jail cell that has become their life.

The comfort of the known evil.

So much more comfortable than continuing to live on the outside of the comfort zone.

They will have great sounding reasons.

How responsible they will sound.

But I can see the jail door closing on them as they fight for every one of their limitations.

Is that what you will do?

For you, my darling, it will be trust that you need.

And it is a lack of trust that has kept you trapped in your own jail cell for so long.

So many wounds and hurts from those who should have loved you.

This pain has caused you to build solid thick walls around you.

To the world, you look like a champion.

Slaying this dragon, beating that demon.

But you know there is more.

You have not yet beaten the hugest demon.

The one you hide from.

The one you DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT ever.

It hides behind the walls.

You can kinda see it in the periphery of your vision.

But you dare not look full on so you avoid it by working ever harder.

Pushing and pushing and pushing.

So busy getting nowhere.

Are you done yet?

Or will you wait to be forced?

I waited.

I went bankrupt.

I got really truly sad.

I recovered as I surrendered to the whisper within.

But still I tried to do it with physical power.

Before I finally realised that I did need to stop avoiding the darkness.

I began to look.

And it was not as scary as I thought it would be.

The walls began to come down.

I still look.

I still see and heal.

Perfection is not required.

But a willingness to look and go deep and heal, is required.

Those inner walls must come down.

You have got to take the leap and trust.What will it be for you, my love?

I invite you to explore the Deliberate Life through the immersion trainings.

It is time to deliberately create the life you want rather than just keep doing what you have always done.

It is time to change those foundations.

To break down those walls.

To rebuild in a more empowered way.

It is time to rise up as an authentically powerful leader.

Not one who is so hidden behind walls.

That is when you will wield your magic.

That is when life will open up and be flexible to your bold touch.

I wish I could give you a specific timeline.

I can’t.

But better to begin now, than never.

AWAKEN, my love.

BE all you are born to be.

Come immerse yourself in the DELIBERATE LIFE.

Much Amazing Love

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