Twilight Day

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OK, SOOOOOOOOOOO  I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited.  So really, I should be excited about something to do with business or the kids doing something new and novel, the hubby winning the lottery or something so legitimately exciting but no, not I.  Those are too mundane at the moment compared to …

Drum roll please…


I know I know, I really should be into something a lot more serious and worthwhile but no, it is TWILIGHT!!!!!!!  I am almost jumping out of my clothes at the moment!  Team Edward!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!!  Been waiting a long time for this.  Since last year to be exact (so not that long!)  but I am sooooooo excited.  I am taking the whole day off tomorrow apart from the morning when I will cook dinner for the family and educate the children and then…  Wahey, the work phones get left with Tloml, the children are taken care of by the brother and Tloml and I am off with a few girlfriends from 1450 until 2am, it is all Twilight!!!

I am sooo excited.

So no you will probably not hear from me tomorrow except to give little excited bursts every so often on Twitter ( or my Facebook page if I even remember to do that.

It is great to have that to look forward to, after my day of dealing with tenants today.  I got chased all morning by a couple who claimed to want my house.  I again did the silly holding out for them thing while putting others on hold.  They finally get the money to me (actually, no, I finally go out of my way to get the money from them!) and then a few hours later, they decide they do not like the look of my application form- It is asking personal questions!!!  Personal questions like who can be your emergency contact, who will be a reference, have you ever been evicted, your date of birth and all the regular application form stuff.  Needless to say, I am slightly irritated but well, there were two others that wanted it and I quite like them so frankly, the race is on.   Whoever gets the money to me first may well get the house.

Also, I now have a huge house of rooms to fill up as well.  Managed to get one tenant in tonight in a group viewing, just 6 more to go. 🙂

But not tomorrow! because tomorrow is TWILIGHT DAY!!!!!


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