The Truth about Making Money and Living your Best Life Now.

Let’s start with a widely generalized statement –  People can fall into two camps when it comes to making money –  They want to live like the Rockefeller family or they have a chip on their shoulder about the perceived evil of any super rich people. You watch the movies, the television programs and escape into a world where everything is available at your beck and call but then you wake up with a bang as you think to yourself “It’s all a dream, Things like that do not happen to me”

And maybe you are right!

Things like that do not happen to the vast majority of us.

In fact, the only people it has happened to are the … Rockefellers 🙂 .

The point I am making is that there is no point trying to be exactly like anyone other than yourself.

On the other hand, you can choose and rightfully desire to live your own very best life now.

So, will you?

The thing is, people spend time searching for the magic pill, the elixir that will create the amazing, success they really want to have.  They spend time searching for answers on the internet, going to course after course, reading book upon book, attending seminar upon seminar.  Nothing wrong with any of these things but as I said on the Facebook page.

Making money and Best Life Now

As one Lady said, when I put it on the page “Ouch!”

And yet, it is the truth.

I have spent ages dreaming about the success I was going to be, the things I was going to accomplish, the world i was going to change and yet, this was all in the confines of my bedroom where I read about this and that, prepared for that great future and generally procrastinated away a whole lot of time.

None of this time has been wasted thankfully because I firmly believe that God can redeem my time.  However, how much more could I have done if I had actually taken action and kept taking action until I created momentum.

The thing that changed for me and the thing I believe every world changer requires is a major, major reason for making money – a reason that practically makes you cry when you think of it.

For me, it was my kids, my awesome princesses.  I still remember giving birth to H, knowing I would have to return to work very quickly.  This was anathema to me as i am very much an attachment parent and the thought of leaving my new baby at 6 weeks to go and earn some money was soooooooo incredibly horrid.

It was shortly after that, that I decided, really firmly decided I wanted more out of life than this hand to mouth existence.

Everyone must get to that point.  And when you do, you will find a way where before all you found were excuses.

Today, I was listening to a radio programme about Female mutilation and it moved my heart.  That may be someone’s reason to take action – Then all you will be able to think of would be those 5 year old girls being damaged by their own families in the name of purity.  You could become one of the people making money that can fund missionaries, charities to go into places like this and cause things to change.

Friends, the simple truth about becoming a Rockefeller in your own right and start making money is that you must take massive action.  Definitely do some reading, get some training, get coached and read all those books but do it alongside taking MASSIVE, MASSIVE ACTION.

Are you ready for that?  If you are, why not start making money now by filling in the form at the top right of the website and get the priceless eBook detailing 2 ways for you to make money right now.  It is time…

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