Trust Yourself: You Really Can Increase Your Wealth Your Way

By August 10, 2015May 11th, 2020Entrepreneur, Self Development

Trust Yourself: You Really Can Increase Your Wealth Your Way

Do you ever find your self looking at the way other people do things and all you want to do is copy them? In fact, you do copy them because you figure that if they must be getting something right and so why not copy them.

So you do it…

You copy their adverts…

You copy the way they write blog posts…

You copy their headlines…

You copy everything…

And STILL, your business does not seem to be growing at all.

You go to all the training, you read all the books, you seem to be doing all the work and yet, there is just nothing happening in your business, your life…

Just nothing.

And the people you do attract by doing this make you feel horrible because they are nothing like the people you envision working with in your head.

They join your team and they are just annoying and they expect you to do it all for them. OR they question everything about your product or service and they still do not buy from you. I mean… What a waste of time!

And so you are certain that it just does not work.

So, you go off and look for some other person’s training, adverts, blog posts, whatever to copy because that will work better for you, surely?!

And you keep going through this cycle over and over again, wondering why you are not getting anywhere and wondering why the struggle continues no matter how much you work. Because I know you are not afraid of working hard, so you keep pushing on and you don’t for one second stop to realize that you are doing something that jeopardizes your chance of ever succeeding in business.

Do you know what I mean yet?

Or are you still looking for the magic bullet?

Every time you look outside of yourself to copy someone else’s work…

Every time you buy those templates and swipe files and use them without any thought…

Every time you bury yourself in training and just copy without understanding…

You say to yourself that you are not enough.

You say to yourself that who and what you are is not good enough to come up with anything good on your own…

And if you cannot be concerned about what you think about yourself, know that it sounds nothing like you!

And because it sounds nothing like you, you are attracting all the wrong folk into your world. All the people who may be right for that other person you are copying but are soooo wrong for you and so you gradually begin to hate your business. It is worse than a job!

No one appreciates what you do because it just does not feel like you.

I know you think this does not matter but it does. If you have no contact with your customers then fine, be a copy of anyone you like but if you are building a business where daily you mix with customers who are like friends, then pay attention and start trusting yourself.

You have a message, something to say through the work you do in your business so definitely learn what you can from whoever you can but do not copy it word for word. See what they do and then filter it through you, the words you would use, the way you would speak. Learn to make your marketing a conversation between you and your people.

And most of all, trust yourself.

Trust that what you have to bring is good enough.

Trust that when you are your most authentic self, your people will find you and they will buy from you or join your team as distributors or avail themselves of your service, read your books, listen to your music, whatever!

It is tough to believe that when you are wondering if anyone will ever notice your business but you have to trust.

You just have to trust and unleash your real power on the world. It may feel like a slow process but it will be truly satisfying when you do it. You will be surrounded by people you like, who know, like and trust you and who buy from you easily without all the drama.

And if you are going to have a super profitable business, serving people in one way or the other, that is what you want, right?

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