If You Would Simply Trust Yourself…

By November 26, 2018December 17th, 2019Abundance & Wealth, Self Development

You have such depth of knowledge within you, if you would trust yourself

You are called to serve, if you would trust yourself

You have not even touched the surface of what is possible for you, if you would trust yourself

Are you willing?

Your people wait for you to awaken

They wait for you to rise up in the authority you were born with

You, YOURSELF, long to be all you can be


You are too taken in by the experiences of your life

Yes, you have overcome so much and yet, that mess has become your message

None of it is to be wasted, if you would trust yourself

You think too many do what you dream of doing and that there is no room for you

You think you have built too good a life to mess it up now

And yet, the longing in your heart will not go away until you finally surrender to the call within you

Yes, honey, you can create wealth while living out the calling on your life

Yes, honey, you can create a freedom lifestyle while living out the calling on your life

I know it has not been your experience to date

You were told there were certain professions that would pay and others that would not

And you bought into that but now, I call on you to have faith in the still small voice within you that calls you to live to your TRUE DESIGN

The world needs you to live to your TRUE DESIGN

YOU will never be fulfilled until you live to your TRUE DESIGN

And I can promise you this, if you will go ALL THE WAY IN on living to your TRUE DESIGN, you will discover that you are fully supported and loved

You will find that you lose nothing but gain EVERYTHING

Yes, I know you are scared of the transition

And that can feel tough

But be honest, the ache in your heart is already tough and it is not going anywhere

Whereas when you choose to live to your TRUE DESIGN, the pain is temporary

It is like giving birth to a child, the pain ends with a glorious child

Whereas the pain you are experiencing just leads to more disappointment and will continue to do so, until you surrender to your TRUE DESIGN.

Trust yourself

TRUST the calling on your life

TRUST that you will be supported

And AWAKEN to who you truly are born to be

I invite you to the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY to bring your TRUE DESIGN life to physical reality

30 days, you connecting to Source

Clarifying your life’s purpose in all areas

Cleaning and clearing any limiting belief systems

And taking massive action to create an online business that gives you freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance

It is time to AWAKEN

Find out more at RosemaryNonnyknight.com/awaken

I am so looking forward to you living life on your terms, changing lives and creating an abundance of wealth

The world needs spirit-driven people like you and I to rise up and serve.

Again, it is RosemaryNonnyknight.com/abundancelibrary

Much Amazing Love

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