Trust seems so passive

And for us who like to work our fingers to the bone doing what others will not do so that we can live how others will never live, TRUST seems wishy-washy and unreal

And yet, trust/faith is the toughest thing to maintain

And so essential if you are ever to go beyond just what your physical form can create.

Most spirit-driven souls do not know how to have trust or faith or belief or whatever they want to call it

They talk about it a lot

They sing about it

But ultimately, they demonstrate with their actions that the only trust they have is in their physical reality – what they can see…

And Because that is what they have trust in, they get more of the same


It demands a relentless decision never to dwell on doubt…

You have to actively trust that what cannot be seen yet in the physical, will soon enough, DEFINITELY manifest

Trust demands that your actions show very clearly what you are believing for.

It is anything but passive

Trust/Faith is a deliberate decision

That you renew regularly through the day, through each hour, through each moment

Particularly when you are just beginning to build out a vision, you will need to pull your mind back to trust REPEATEDLY and very very frequently.

This is you building faith/trust

But it is also more than the inner work

It is also the outer practical work that one takes when one feels that a vision is a done deal

Faith/Trust without works, is dead!

If $5K+ months online are your goal and you are not daily communicating, capturing, closing, then you are lying to yourself…

People only act on things that they feel will work

So, if you are procrastinating on taking action in business, do you really have trust?

And ultimately, ain’t nothing gonna work, unless you are doing the work!

You better start TRUSTING!  Your $5K+ months will only be discovered as you trust and do the work.

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Much Amazing Love

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