The path gets dark at times…

It feels like you have been walking, crawling, running forever…

You wonder if you will ever get to the end

You wonder if the vision in your heart will ever materialise

The temptation is to quit

To return to what begins to look like the ‘good old days’




The desires of your heart are right now being created…

The desires of your heart are yours already

Lean into the Divine

Trust the intuitive nudges

Keep moving forward

Your fortunes are being restored

They come even more expanded than you can imagine

But will they find you on the deliberate path?

Or will you have quit like many before you?




You are becoming stronger

You are becoming wiser

You are expanding your capacity to receive and maintain

Do not look to your physical reality as an indicator of anything other than your choices of the past

It is passing away as you stay the course with your mind fixed solidly on the grand vision within

Nothing you go through is wasted

Everything makes you more able to receive all of your good




Everything you go through proves to you that you are limitless

That there is literally no end to what you are capable of

You are divinity cloaked in humanity

You are powerful and that power is being revealed on this journey

Though it may feel like you are pushing hard through thick mud

You are reaching a tipping point

In a moment, the desires of your heart will arrive

And all because you trusted, you endured and you stayed the course

You must KNOW that you always win, my love


There is never any doubt that you will receive all that you desire





Do not be one of those who stay in a life they do not love

They endure hardship and struggle for nothing

They are too scared to get on their true design path because they fear failing

and so they choose failure every moment of the day by enduring the wrong path for no other reason other than fear

Their pain is chronic, it never ends, there is nothing to look forward to on that path

NO, we are not one of those

We get on the deliberate life path

With our gaze fixed firmly on our true design life

A life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love

We get clear on what that looks like to us

And then we trust the intuitive nudges

We endure the shifts and changes as the old things leave and the new things come

We are not deceived by the pain of old things leaving, we simply release them fast so that they do not tarry

And we receive the reward as the vacuum created is filled with the things we desire


Our life is renewed

That which we came here to create, is created right before our eyes


WE trusted

We endured

We received the reward!

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Much Amazing Love

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