Tortoise and the Hare 1

I have been thinking today about whether I am a Tortoise or a Hare.  All as a result of a book by Robert Ringer.  I am finding it really enlightening.

Do you remember being told about the Tortoise and the Hare?  Well, here it is again- My take on the story.

Susan is tall, blond and beautiful.  She is admired by all that see her.  She has the kind of go-getting attitude that appears to get things done in short order.  She knows what she wants and she seems to be well on her way to getting it.  But then along comes Laura; she is somewhat shorter and has ‘run of the mill’ looks.  No second glances ever come her way and most people dismiss her as soon as she walks into a room.  She is very aware of the impression she gives and recognizes her limitations.

Susan and Laura work in the same clothing store on the edge of Birmingham, in a town called Dudley.  They come to work daily and know each other pretty well but are not really friends as their personalities do not really gel.  Susan feels superior to Laura as she is just not that fashionable or beautiful.  Laura feels slightly intimidated by Susan as she seems to have it all (Whatever that means!)

Anyway, one day a colleague of theirs is made redundant and it turns out that the employer may have to lay off another person.  Susan and Laura are called into the office.  A speech is given about the country being in recession and how the store needs to make a certain amount of sales during the month to keep their double doors open to the Community.  Also, they cannot afford to keep both the girls but if the sales figures improved then maybe it would become feasible again.  Otherwise, the girl with the lowest sales for the month will be made redundant. So the challenge is on for both Susan and Laura – the two remaining staff members – to really pull out all the stops and sell like crazy to keep their jobs and keep the store open.

Susan Is unfazed by all this as she knows she is amazing but frankly, she really could do with a new pair of shoes, the commission from the sales at the end of the month could really help towards those Jimmy Choos!  She rushes right in, all guns blazing, her winning smile on the ready.  Any customer that stupidly walks through the door is immediately accosted by Susan, She tries to bulldoze them into buying and in some cases, it even works.  She is a woman on a mission and she knows she will exceed all expectations.  She just needs to be at full speed at all times.

Laura, on the other hand, is well aware that she is not necessarily the savviest sales woman in the world and actually deep down inside she is worried sick about all these extra sales she is supposed to make.  She was just about doing ok and now she has to try and do a lot more.  She looks over at Susan and wishes, really wishes she had her confidence and poise but well…

To be continued tomorrow.

So who do you feel like? A Laura or a Susan?

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