Imagine with me…

A seed is planted…

Amongst weeds…

And together, they struggle for survival…

The weeds feel like it is their right to stick around and so they seek to consume all the nutrients leaving nothing for the seed to grow

The farmer does nothing

The farmer leaves seeds and weeds to grow

But the weeds have been around longer

Have deeper roots

And they suck the field dry

And the seeds try

They try very hard to grow

But there is just nothing there for them

No nutrients to grow big and strong and so within a very short time, they die…

With maybe the occasional seed breaking through

But there is no predictability to it

It all seems so hard…

And the field is full of weeds

Not a glorious sight to behold…

But hey, it looks like all the other fields around it so maybe, it is just the way things have to be

And then along comes a different farmer

With new ideas of seed planting

He plants seeds but then spends time watering the seeds

And uprooting the weeds

Sometimes, he uproots just the stems and that can work but for some of the weeds, he needs to dig deeper and get to the very root and destroy that

The more he does this ‘strange’ work…

The more the other farmers look at him and think he is a bit loopy for thinking that somehow he can predictably grow seeds into a great harvest…

He ignores them all and works tirelessly to create room for his plants to grow

He nips the weeds in the bud the moment they show their silly heads…

He sometimes feels a little frustrated about it all but he has this vision of a bountiful harvest and so he keeps doing the work…

And as time passes, his plants break through

He starts to see signs of life springing forth

He starts to see that the work he has been doing is paying off…

Because to be honest, he was not completely sure, at the start, that his way would work and it took a lot of courage to break free and stay free of the regular farmers and their associations…

For a while there, he had felt alone…

But it seems he was right…

Because now his plants are flourishing

And producing seeds of their own for him to plant again…

the harvest keeps accelerating and growing

And the weeds though they try to rear their head from time to time, he can easily get rid of them now and they are being starved of nutrients so they are really not all that strong.

And wow, what an awesome sight it is

And other farmers decide to follow suit…

Some do not go the distance because they lack the patience to stay on course

Others keep their eyes on the goal – they know it is possible regardless of how many times in the past they failed and so though at times, it feels tough, they keep going…

They ask the unusual farmer to teach them his ways…

They immerse themselves in a new way of thinking, being

They take new actions on their farms to keep the weeds under control or completely destroyed where possible…

And they too begin to see the signs of things working for them

And they stay on course and over time, the whole region changes

And the stories continue to spread

And more and more farmers do the very same thing all over the world

And abundance increases EVERYWHERE!

They all begin to realise that there really never was any scarcity ever…

They all begin to realise that the more they deliberately design and have, the more is available for all to have

They all begin to realise that the only limitation was the method they were using originally

But the moment they started to realise what they were capable of, abundance increased EVERYWHERE!

I know I stretch the analogy somewhat

But please let it speak to you

the more you have, the more is available on the planet

You may have been conditioned to believe that you can only get by taking from another

But you can create

And as you learn to create, you make more available to all

As more people create, there is more available for all

As more people step into their true design, I do not believe it is a stretch to say that life for all will get better, NOT WORSE as many experts would have us believe

But it takes getting deliberate

Deliberate about handling the beliefs that we accept as gospel truth

Deliberate about handling fears

Deliberate about becoming love on this planet

Deliberate about getting to know our true power

Deliberate about the design of our lives

There is no room for passivity anymore

You may be only one person

It takes only ONE person to begin changing the world.

Are you willing?


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Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister

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