You Have Today! What Are You Doing With It?

You have Today - Forget what they say

I put this on the Facebook Page recently and wanted to share it with you

“Some settle for mediocrity in their chosen field of business. Once upon a time, they had dreams but now they smile condescendingly at the new, excited ones in the business, they make snide remarks about those who do well, casting doubt on how the success was achieved.

Do not be that person. Each day, remind yourself why you do what you do. Keep it fresh, go out of your way to serve others and go deliberately after your goals. You can create whatever you choose to.

Just choose, get started & Never Ever back down.”

Have you ever experienced this?

You know when that ‘wise’ older person smiles at all your excitement and all your dreams and tries not to deter you from your path but you know, you JUST KNOW they are thinking ‘ Poor lady, she has not experienced any hardship yet – Let’s see if she still feels so excited in a year or two of struggle?”

They do not say it, but you can hear it in their heads as they smile at you.

Or worse, think of visiting a couple who have tried to do things in the past and because they failed and gave up, they think you are kinda crazy for thinking you can make it happen.  So you are excitedly telling them what your new business is all about, your new venture, your new property etc etc and they look at each other and smile in ‘that’ way.

You know what they are thinking but they do not say that to your face.  The moment you leave however, you know they are going to be talking to each other about how dreamy you looked.  And they are going to pity you for the day that your dreams come crashing down like theirs did.

And you could give in to the quiet vibes you are receiving from all the bored, negative people in your world or you could choose to stay on path, fight for the life you want and just ignore everyone else?

What will you choose?

Who will you be?

Failure is never permanent until you declare that it is by stopping.

Maybe, you have been that person that has tried and you feel like you have failed and you meet someone like me who will just never say ‘die’!!!  and I may even make you a little angry because I am doing what you have been too scared to do.

Instead of getting angry with me or with anyone else in your world, why not choose instead to use today to the best of your ability?

Why not choose again to keep moving forward?

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