Yes, I know you are tired and weary and fed up with the status quo

Yes, I know your responsibilities feel so heavy at times…

Yes, I know you are scared that you will hurt your family if you truly go after your dreams

And I know you feel more and more dead inside each day that you do not respond to the call within you

You feel torn between living a ‘regular’ life and going for the big vision

Yes, I know that you think you can try to fit your true vision into the little spaces of time in between doing what you ‘have to’ do

And I also know that that means you hardly ever get time to actually follow through on the vision inside of you because well, there is no little space of time to fit in your true vision…

I know all this and I call you out

Honey, you will never be happy until you respond to the call of your heart

You are born to make a difference in a bigger, bolder way

But it is up to you to actually decide that you will do it

It is up to you to go all the way in

It is up to you to stop diluting your dream and your vision

It is up to you to stop getting drawn into all the dramas

It is up to you, my love

You are capable of your calling

Your vision is your permission

And you will never be satisfied until you live to your true design

So will you begin now?

Or will you keep waiting for some other sign and wonder before you say ‘YES’ to you?

Will you keep waiting for ANOTHER word from the Divine?

Yes, I know you are scared of the pain of transition

But the pain of staying the same, ignoring your true design is worse, honey…

IT IS WORSE to stay doing this ‘half in-half out’ thing you do

And even worse than that, you can be sure that the pain will never go away

There will always be this pain of knowing that this is not your life

But you could simply surrender to your true design

You could simply become all you are born to be

You could begin now to make your true design a priority, rather than an afterthought

And you would find that your life starts to mould itself to allow you to create the life you desire

The dramas that take up so much of your attention now would begin to fade into the background as you stopped making them a priority…

Your choice, my love

The Divine will not force your hand

But know this, everything you desire will only be yours when you surrender to the truth of you

True lasting prosperity can only be created when you surrender to the truth of you

Everything else will be of a lesser quality

And maybe, you can be happy with that

I wonder though…

And now, I invite you to get your copy of HEAL AND GROW RICH

I know that some of the reason you stay stuck in place is simply because you have been hurt and you are hurting still…

Choose to heal

Choose to go beyond the wounded-ness and rise as whole powerful leader

Choose to return to your true design as you seal the wounds for good

Take a look now at Heal & Grow Rich –

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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