You started this business journey with hope and anticipation.

You had finally surrendered to the calling in your life and you just KNEW that all the doors would open and the angels would sing over you and everything was absolutely going to work like clockwork for you.

You were going to change many lives, make a huge difference, live out the divine calling on your life

WOOHOO! How exciting!

And then a year passed, you were still at work doing the unfulfilling job that funded your passion while struggling to make enough money in your purpose-aligned business.

It felt so hard and though you were starting to feel some doubts, you were still committed to the vision

You knew you were called

You were going to go through whatever hellishness came.

You were proud of the work you were doing with certain clients.  You felt a deep sense of satisfaction that people were praising the work you did for them. It affirmed your deep sense of mission.

But the business was still not making enough to pay the bills.

You just kept going

Time kept passing

You were working harder and harder on this purpose-aligned business and you had a few loyal followers, they consumed your free content, occasionally bought your low-cost offerings, you kept the prices low because you did not want money to be the reason people were unable to transform their lives (you also kinda hoped that that would lead to lots of sales) and these ‘clients’ kept validating how awesome your work was

But the money was still not coming in like you thought it would.

You tried to tell yourself that you were not motivated by money and that it was just a pleasure to KNOW that you were making a difference… and it was… but niggles of resentment started to lodge within you.

You buried all of that because you are such a lovely spiritual person and you were just so thankful that you got to live out your purpose and of course, it was not about the money for you, was it?

You kept creating products and services that would help your people

They kept telling you that it was just what they needed though as you looked at the life, there did not seem to be that much transformation happening – The same issues kept resurfacing in your people

And you kept not having enough money in the business to support the business

You just kept going

You were affirming, praying as well as PLEADING with the Divine to PLEASE help you break through financially

You were working harder than ever, so grateful to get to live out your purpose and calling (or so you kept telling yourself)

But it seemed that you started making EVEN LESS money than before

And the resentment was building

And you started to doubt yourself and your work…

But you would just bolster yourself with some affirmations, some more spiritual cleansing or healing work

And you would remind yourself of those few people you seemed to help

Do some MORE clearing and healing work to raise your ‘vibe’, clear the way for prosperity and dissolve the growing resentment

But it was getting harder and harder to keep going

But you kept going anyway because you are nothing if not persistent

And you KNOW you are called

You just know it.

And everyone struggles before the breakthrough, right?

Everyone has their story of debt, broke-ness, desperation etc and then they stayed the course and they finally broke through, right??


You told yourself to stay strong.

And you just kept keeping on…

You were even proud of how resilient you were

And then something happened…

Maybe you got a devastating report of illness in your body – You, the healer, suddenly needing healing…

Or maybe, your partner got fed up and left you or started making leaving noises

Or maybe, it was the school fees you still could not pay for the children you had been denying good things for years as you promised them that ONE DAY, things would be better…

Or whatever…

ONE DAY, it all just came to a head because deep down, you just knew that with all the effort you were putting in, it was just not supposed to be taking so long to win…

And finally, you are here reading this post and I ask you…

Did you ever really truly commit to making at least 6 figures in your business?

And I know your initial response may be to tell me that my question is stupid and that OF COURSE, you wanted to make money doing what you loved…

OF COURSE, you did, you say…

And yet, I ask you again…


Really truly DEFINITELY commit?

Yes, I know you committed to making a difference.

I know you committed to changing lives

I know you committed to living in your purpose

But did you commit and fully own the fact that to make money, you need to have a business strategy capable of making money?

As you have discovered, purpose alone does not pay bills.


One – To live out your purpose, change lives, make a difference

Two – To be compensated WELL while doing it.

Most spiritual people think they have made the first decision and definitely do not truly make the second decision.

In truth, most spiritual people use their business as a way to validate their purpose.  They enjoy being liked.  They enjoy having ‘clients’ tell them how nice they are and how wonderful their energy is.  And in this day and age of social media, they love the public attention, the likes, the comments, the shares on their ‘message’

They feel validated.

They feel important.

And they are broke and the transformation they offer does not seem to last all that long because the ‘prospective clients’ who offer all this validation are usually not all that committed to change.

These spiritual people then wonder if their work is even worth anything and they start to doubt themselves and everything they are doing

And usually they quit.

It takes courage to honestly look at what you are doing

You get addicted to the praise

You forget why you actually started this business in the first place and you start building a story of noble martyrdom around your struggles.  You picture how you will tell the story of all the hardship you overcame when the breakthrough finally arrives.

But will it ever arrive?

NOT if you do not make BOTH DECISIONS.

And making both decisions is uncomfortable.

You will need to face the truth of what you are doing – Pleasing people or serving people?

You will have to face the fact that you find money difficult – Are you so scared of being considered money-grabbing that you would rather pretend not to need money than do what it takes to create it?

You will have to face the fact that you do not truly know what the heck you are doing when it comes to business strategy – mostly because you never made it a priority to learn that stuff, you thought intuition was enough.

You will have to humble yourself and put down the facade and ASK FOR HELP

And you will probably need to pay for that help – which means even more money poured into a business that is not making that much money and that will probably scare you.

But you are too close to the issue.

You cannot see what you cannot see,

You just know that these words are resonating with you

You have known for a while that something you are doing, JUST AIN’T WORKING

Do you have the humility and the courage to get help?

Will you make BOTH decisions with clarity, power and certainty?

If you have made the DECISIONS, then here is the strategy to turn your skills and wisdom into a 6 figure income – Download a free copy of the 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR Book at

And who knows?? Maybe we will work together so that I can support you in accelerating the growth of your business.  It is amazing the difference 77 days can make when you are diligently, consistently following an actual 6 figure business growth strategy.

WAKE UP, my love.

People do need your help

You do have what it takes



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