For the one who has will be given more, until he overflows with abundance

And the one with hardly anything, even what little he has will be taken from him

From the Bible

I took a break from reading the Bible as I found it sooo hard to interpret things from a different standpoint because I had been steeped in mainstream christian dogma that really did not support my growth.  However, in recent days, I have felt a pull back to this book that I have been reading since I was 6 years old and so, yep, you will probably hear about it a lot until I run out of steam – ha ha!

OK, so here we go with this verse…

It can seem unfair that he/she who has, is being given even more.  And most people would suggest that it is the one who does not have that should be given more and on the surface, that seems to be what government, charity, the do-gooders etc are there to do – Give to those who do not have…

And sometimes, it is absolutely necessary.

However, for the most part, it is NOT absolutely necessary.


Because everyone HAS


Because we are ALL created in the image and likeness of God

We ALL have the power of God within us to create whatever we want

But SOME are aware of it and others are looking for handouts and feeling like victims of life, telling themselves sad stories of fixed income and no support, time, money blah, blah, blah…

And then in come the do-gooders who think they are doing the victims a favour but actually, all they are doing is reinforcing the feeling of ‘I AM TOO WEAK TO DO ANYTHING FOR MYSELF SO PLEASE COME AND SAVE ME’

No one is weak.

And no matter how much you give to someone who thinks they are weak and helpless, if they maintain that inner stance, you can be sure that they will do NOTHING with what you give and they will be right back, asking for another handout soon enough. Yes, I speak from experience – Whenever I give to those who want me to work with them for free or really low cost, they NEVER actually do anything with it – WHY?

Because they identify as someone who does not have and for them to actually have, would go against the way they see themselves and so they keep creating what they already believe about themselves – I DO NOT HAVE.

Some would say a bible verse like the above one is unfair and some kind of punishment on those who are poor and broken but actually, it is not.

If you internally see yourself as someone who does not have, you could win the lottery right now and lose it within a few years (or less)

No one can give to someone who does not have fast enough, they are getting rid of it as quickly as it comes in (or even quicker!).

And everyone thinks they will be the exception to this law of life but they are not.

IF YOU IDENTIFY AS SOMEONE IN LACK, you will keep creating situations that demonstrate lack and it will feel like everything is being taken away from you.

How honest can you be with yourself?

Where are most of your thoughts?

On the lack of what you want or on abundance of everything that pertains to a good life?

Even those who are busy fighting the good fight for the hungry and the broken etc, they are usually steeped in lack themselves and so, no matter how hard they fight, the problems remain because it is how they identify yourself.  What on earth would they do if there was no more lack?  What would they fight?  Who would they be?

You need to, right now, start to internally identify yourself as someone who HAS…

It needs to become absurd to you to be in lack…

YOu need to KNOW you are one with the Divine, that you are powerful enough to create whatever you want, regardless of your background, age, job, whatever

You need to cultivate a DEEP KNOWING that you are limitless, just like the Divine

THEN and only THEN do you become someone who HAS and more more MORE will be added to you because it is all attracted to the person you are being on the inside.

I know you can look at those celebrities or super successful people who get given all kinds of free stuff and you can feel that it is unfair that the rich get richer and keep getting given stuff that they could really easily buy.

You can keep telling yourself that sad story, if you will but has it got you anywhere?

Or you can BECOME someone who HAS right now because that is actually your true design, my love…

YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO HAS but you have bought into a lie.



I don’t care how much you earn…

If you are struggling at the end of your pay period because you have to make your income stretch in order to last…

If you are feeling financially restricted from doing what you would really like to be doing

If you are staying stuck in a job doing stuff you no longer want to do…

That is all lack.

And it is because you identify as someone who does NOT have…

So how can you change it from the inside?


You have been immersed in lack-based thinking since you were born and you did not question it. Now you need to VERY DELIBERATELY turn the tide and immerse yourself in new ways of thinking, being and acting.

You need to return to your true design God-Unit Self.

Write down what you now choose to create and BE

Speak of what you choose to BE and create

SEE it within you – See it as done – See yourself as the ONE who HAS

Feel yourself to be the one who HAS.

it may seem silly to being with but hey, has your way worked so far?

We are divine beings having a human experience.  We create first WITHIN

So please stop reacting to the outer physical reality as though that is all there is when in fact, the physical reality is the last thing to manifest.

AWAKEN and put yourself in an environment that immerses you in new ways of thinking and being.

The Divine & I created the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE memberships for this reason…

Whether you are entrepreneurial and choose to come into the FAST TRACK membership here at

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You will be immersed in new ways of thinking and being and you will BECOME someone who HAS on the inside and as you start to show up in the world as that abundant person, you will see new opportunities of advancement, you will increase your income, you will feel freer, you will start to soar in life.

AWAKEN, my love.

Become someone who HAS!

This is a faith walk.  Stop living by sight alone.

Much Amazing Love

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