To get a different experience of life, you MUST be & do something different

Nothing out there will change

Even if it does, it may not be to your benefit

Again, to get something different, you must be & do something different

I see you praying

And hoping

And wishing

And affirming

But your actions remain the same

Who you are BEING, remains the same…

You are working all the hours that God sends

Doing something you don’t want to do but you tell yourself you must and so, well, YOU MUST (but only because you said so)

And then spending the rest of your time, ‘relaxing’ or maybe you are at church or some other religious or community organisation

And then you sleep and you start again the next day

You SEE YOURSELF as a worker bee, always caught up in a struggle cycle…

Just having enough to survive…

WISHING that you could change things

But you see yourself as a WORKER BEE and WORKER BEES wish and hope and pray but never really expect anything to change

So even when you try your hand at different things, your consciousness is one of a worker bee and so, you quit or procrastinate until you quit.

That used to be my life





And then I dabbled a bit at things…

But never for long…

Like me, I guess there is a part of you that hopes that if you keep showing up and serving in that voluntary capacity (where you really want to spend most of your time) then something miraculous will come out of it…

After all, you know you are called, right?

Even the local prophetess told you about the vision they had about what you are called to do so there is a deep knowing within you that there is more to you than meets they eye and it is your destiny…

So, you tell yourself you are doing the best you can

I did that too

And you keep doing it year in, year out…

And you keep wondering when your time will come

And all the while, the Divine and the angels are looking at you

Also wondering when your time will come.

Wondering when you will truly decide to show up for your life…

Wondering when you will DECIDE that you are NOT a worker bee but rather royalty that deserves the best of everything

I was watching Moana with my youngest princess on Saturday

And Moana is talking about how the Ocean Called her and she will save her people and the ocean will save her and rescue her and bring the heart back to Nefertiti (I think)

And Maui, the demigod, shouts at Moana – “THE OCEAN WILL NOT HELP YOU, YOU HAVE TO HELP YOURSELF”

And he was half-true

The Ocean/Divine will not force your hand EVER

You have free will and all that

However, once you start, as Moana found, the Ocean/Divine will do whatever it can to support you as long as you keep moving forward.

When she wanted to quit, it said “ok then”

When she chose to move forward, it said “OK then”

Either way, she was loved and her choice would be supported…

And I know you may have been taught by some well-meaning soul that if you just pray long and hard enough, something will change for you, the Divine will come and save the day…




Nothing changes until you DECIDE to change who you are being

And what you are doing…

Will you?

And before you go, you have a problem…

You do not realise it but you do…

You are currently immersed in a consciousness of worker bee

Everyone around you feels the same way

And you may be the unusual worker bee that sometimes feels as though there must be more but you keep getting dragged back in…

Can I suggest something?

You change what you are being immersed in…

So that you can change who you see yourself as…

And therefore change how you think and act.

Are you in?

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