I have always debated with the question of how much to hold onto a vision, a goal, a desire…

As someone who has always longed for deep connection to Source while also desiring to live a very awesome physical life, I have gone from feeling greedy, to guilty, to selfish and all manner of weird emotions about how attached I can be to the material things that I desire.

And reading spiritual authors or teachers or gurus always left me feeling like I was too attached to everything and I needed to leave it all behind and float away to heaven somewhere

However, I have a life that I quite like so that is not an option.

And I do not think I chose to come to this planet and live life just so I could float back to heaven every moment I get.  Why bother coming here then?

So, finally, I took the question straight to Source

Because there was a part of me that just KNEW that it is sooooo easy to be passive in this area of life and call it spiritual when it is just WIMPY!

In fact, I was the boss of passive for certain areas of my life for too long

And I would DEFINITELY have called it some spiritual term or the other but really, the truth would be that I had not had the courage to hold the faith for it.

I had not received what I desired in the time that I wanted and expected it and so, I decided that the Divine was withholding for some reason and I gave up on believing for it.

BLAME THE DIVINE for my lack of ability to hold the faith – It always seemed to be the best recourse.

A bit crazy, right?

Though many do this.

Anyway, I find the key to all this attachment/detachment thing is not to fall out of love with your vision…


See it in your mind’s eye all the time

Cherish it

Give it lots and lots of energy

Be enamoured with that inner vision

Live from that place of KNOWING it is done

And then release attachment to how your current physical existence looks

Do not worry about the external

Do not Fret about it

Do not give it all your energy like we are very likely to do.

I like to affirm “I give thanks, Papa, that  blah, blah, blah is mine right now and I release all fear and worry and doubt now.  It is done” or something like that.

And then I shift my focus again to what I am creating.

It is a done deal within and so, I KNOW that it is only a matter of time before it is a done deal without, unless I lose the faith for it.

It is done on earth (physical reality) as it is in heaven (inner realm) and so, I need no longer be attached to the external picture.  It is fleeting.  I do not need to energize it with my attention.  That will cause it to stick around longer.  It is that external reality that I drop all attachment to.

Some peeps may say I live in a bubble and I guess I do because I choose to live my life from within.

Not without.

No, I am not perfect at it yet.

I am human and so I get caught up in all the crazy emotions still

And then I remember.

And I detach again from the external reality.

Peace returns.

What is there to be all concerned about when you know IT IS DONE?

My moments of remembering increase daily.

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