In the best possible way, I got tired of listening to myself.

Yes, I love myself…BUT.

I got tired of listening to myself playing the violin ONE MORE TIME about how sad & hard my childhood had been and how hard I had it and how much I had to struggle.

The thing is, it got me sympathy but I did not want sympathy.

I wanted the best of everything.

I wanted the money

I wanted the successful business.

I wanted depth of connection with the Divine.

I wanted the awesome family life.

I wanted great relationships.

I wanted to wake up feeling fulfilled and happy.

I wanted to be into my creative ventures everyday.

I wanted much more than my sad story and so, the sad story just had to go!

Yes, I mention it from time to time to make me seem more human ? and also when some unsuspecting client or random person tries to play the ‘You just don’t understand, Rosemary. Life has never been that hard for you’.

Oh yes, I correct them pretty quick.

Because guess what?! it does not matter how hard you have had it.

It does not matter what disadvantages you think you have.

None of that matters.

The only thing that actually matters is how bad do you desire your vision?

And are you willing to do what it takes to create it?

Everyone, and I do mean, EVERYONE can have the best of everything.


I personally see everyone as powerful but the problem is, that most people are telling themselves stories about how they cannot get what they want and they are more dedicated to their sad stories than they are to their vision.

I really hope that is not you, but I do know that sometimes, we do not realise that we are doing this, hence the post, my love.

And if you are already creating some limited form of success, it can be REALLY Difficult to notice that there are simple things like this that keep you from your next level.

So, let me be the voice of the Divine to you today – STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!

And I have a way to support you with that – THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Leave behind the pain and limiting stories of the past.

Rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN.

Start your 30 day immersion in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE pathway to peace and plenty here.

Today is the day for fortune restoration and expansion.

Much Amazing Love

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