You may be called to the whole 7 billion people on the planet…

Or you may only be called to 10 people

Are your people hearing your voice?

You may wake up feeling down and out…

Or you may wake up feeling full of the joy of life…

Are your people hearing your voice?

Stop buying into the bullshit that no one needs to hear you speak when inside of you is that huge vision of impacting, healing, coaching, counselling lots of people with your particular brand of crazy…

Stop holding back from saying what you feel needs to be said…

Go on!!!! Write that blog, do that livestream, put that video together, sing that song, create that art and tell us why you feel it is important!

Value the work you are here to do and share your voice!

There will always be that silly, little crazy voice trying to keep you small…

There will always be your fear telling you that if you show up more boldly than ever before then something negative will happen to you…

But do you want to get to the end of your life and KNOW that you allowed your fear to determine whether you did the work you are here to do?

Or do you want to know that you used up all the talent and strength that you had and you contributed to the world in some way?

Do you want a legacy?

Or do you want to be forgotten?

Do you want to make money doing what you love?

Or do you just want to get by doing what you dislike?

Of course, it is not easy – you have years of conditioning to overcome and yet, are you just gonna keep crying about no opportunity or will you open your eyes and see that the Divine has been opening doors for you forever but you ain’t been pushing on anything!

You have just been sitting on your awesome butt waiting for some other kind of sign!

The VISION is the only sign you are getting


That is all you are getting, honey!


And it is down to you, to act on it!

To stop living to the norms of the people around you and to choose to elevate yourself!

No one will do it for you!

YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF and with the help of the Divine who has been hinting at you forever that this is not the life you are born to live but you have to take the initiative and actually start to design your real life the way you want it!

Will you?

Or will you continue to live a small forgettable life?


And I can help you, in fact, I know that is why you are reading this because you know that you have to work with me but you are scared, wondering if it will work, wondering if you have the funds to make it happen, wondering if it is the right time for you, wondering, wondering, WONDERING!

For goodness sake, leader…

Where has all your wondering ever gotten you?

Today is the day that you make a claim for your real life.


No messing around – I will show you how to share your voice, how to handle all the things that WILL get in your way and how to be the leader and expert in your chosen market space.  You become the person, people want to listen and buy from.

Clear the blocks to peace and plenty

Allow yourself to thrive as the person you are created to be.

Pop over now to and join in!

There is no more time to live the wrong life!

Much Amazing Love

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