Rip Off The BAnd-Aid

Enough already with the pretending to be authentic while looking around hoping someone is noticing how ‘real’ you are being.

Enough already with the pretending to be all out for your business when in fact, you keep a whole lot of yourself hidden!

Enough already of hiding behind your product or service – Scared of showing yourself up in case people do not like you.

Enough already with holding back on the person that you are instead of creating a business you actually want to run for the rest of your life.

We all complain that there is no more job for life – Some are excited by it, others find the whole thing pretty horrifying to have to keep moving around but here is the thing…

As an entrepreneur, we could create a business for life because it is a business that runs around our life rather a business that is created just to make a little money in a way that makes you feel horrid.

The band-aid thing up at the top of this post is something my coach has said to me time and time again and for a little while, I show up brazenly but then I hide away again.

I have never been able to reconcile how I can sing to people without being a singer at all as that is not my thing but I want to support people in living a full abundant life and I want to use my singing in there because I want to create a business that I wake up to with great energy and enthusiasm.

And singing is a huge part of who I am – music is a huge part of who I am. For my whole life, I have shut it down because it is not commercially ‘viable’ or so I was told but you know what?…

I am fed up of hiding behind ‘professionalism’ and therefore hiding half of the person that I am. I still do not see clearly how this thing is gonna work but I have decided that I really do not care anymore – Hold me to it, folks grin emoticon – It ain’t easy to make this declaration.

The truth is, I only want to work closely with people with a warrior spirit who get me so I have to really be happy to chase away people who think I am too crazy for them!

I could have a boring old business and make lots of money from it but I know that within a little period of time, I would be bored to death with it and then I would do something to sabotage it because it really is not what I want to be doing.

And frankly, if I just wanted to make a little money doing something I hate, then I may as well go get a job again. I may as well step back into being a pharmacist and hating it.

But I want more. I want to make millions and I want to do it in a business I enjoy creating.

Do you ever feel that way?

Are you nervous about actually doing the things you really dream about doing?

I have a few clients who fell into a business because it seemed like the best way to make money but it was not the best way for them and as a leader, I have to show them that it is absolutely possible to create a business – a successful business- being exactly who I am.

And who am I?

I am a warrior!

I fight for what I want!

I refuse to settle for any less than what I want!

Most people see me as pretty delusional especially when what I am doing seems to make absolutely no sense but I am getting pretty used to being misunderstood and you need to get like that too.

I have had the added benefit of being considered the weird, selfish one in my family so now, I begin to see that it has prepared me to actually be that person.

I have always been someone to fight against the status quo and it has not always been comfortable because even the people who love me do not always see eye to eye with me and I have had to get to the place where I accept that that may always be the case at the start of one of my crazy schemes.

Usually, the tune changes later on into my crazy scheme as I commit to making it work and see it work.

I say all this because I am sure I am not alone in feeling different from the people around them. I am sure I am not alone in wanting more than anyone else around them.

I am sure that if you have read this far, you know what I am saying and a part of you longs for freedom from the expectations of people and so I say to you, it is time to rip that band aid off!

Decide what you want your life and business to look like…

Decide that you will fully commit to it even when it seems to not be getting you anywhere fast.

Trust that God, who created you, put your specific design in place so that you could actually use it to create an abundant life.

Those dreams, those ideas inside of you, no matter how crazy they might sound, may just be what the world needs to see and hear and by holding it back, you are preventing the world from moving up a level.

I know it all sounds grandiose and you possibly feel like a very small cog in a huge wheel but YOU MATTER!

Hear me – YOU MATTER!

Your special giftings matter!

Your special talents matter!

And allowing your fear to hold you back from really living that life full out is a disservice to the world and I exhort you to join my crazy band of people who know they have a lot to give and are willing to do what it takes to create a business for life!

A business that they wake up feeling excited about!

A business that makes loads of money!

A business that changes the world!

I don’t care how small that business is, you can still use it to change the world around you and then the people around you who are impacted by your business can go on to impact the world around them and so on and so on and all of a sudden, you have a bit of a revolution going on.

A revolution can only be started by warriors who have come alive and chosen to refuse to settle for less than their most authentic self.


Watch out for something I am putting together in the next week or two all about living courageously and fighting for the life & business you really want. This is about facing down the fears that hold most people, including me, back and together we will face that nonsense and become super courageous, brave and focused on getting through our fears and creating a business for life.

It is certainly time to rip that Band-Aid off!

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