Time Management Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Highly Productive Person – 5 Step Process

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Time Management Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Highly Productive Person

We all want the secrets to productivity. You may see other people who seem to get such a lot done in such a little bit of time and you wonder how they make it so. Somewhere deep inside of you is an awareness that you are not doing as much as you could in the time you have.

Well, you can no longer dream about it, you have to get into action to actually create it. You must be proactive rather than stuck in reactive land.

So here is a plan for you.

1. Deal With It Once

This is a concept mentioned in a great book called ‘Getting Things Done’ by Dave Allen. In this concept, if you pick something up, you deal with it. You do not put it aside to deal with it later as that is a waste of time.. If you do not think you will have time to deal with it right then and there, do not touch it. Do not open your email inbox, do not pick up that letter. Assign it a block on your calendar and do it all then.

2. Make Lists

This is a concept that was taught by Chet Holmes but he adds a whole different angle to it. This is not about having excessively long ‘to-do’ lists with 25 or more items that never get done. No, this is about putting only your 5 – 7 priority items on the list for each day. It is easy to feel great about having a long list that you check things off through the day but really, what actually happens is that you check off the easy things and the big things stay on the list and your business does not move forward. This can no longer be the reactive way that you live.

Be firm with yourself and take it down to a maximum of seven things that you do each day.

3. Schedule them in

Get your calendar out now and make room for these five to seven priorities. First decide how much time each thing will take and then fit it into your calendar.

If you do not have room on your calendar to fit it all in then you have too much on the list. Take something off and just put the most important things on there. Note that this is not the most urgent tasks, this is the most IMPORTANT ones that will progress the growth of your business.

Any regular person can do irrelevant, urgent things and most people do. You, however have big ideas for yourself and your business so you must do the things that make your business grow, not just the urgent things that keep you stuck in place.

4. Make sure the priorities are priority

Do not put the most important of your five tasks at the end of the day so after you have scheduled things into your calendar, take a look again and make sure that you are putting the most important priorities at the top of the day when your energy and willpower are not depleted. Remember that willpower does reduce during the day so knowing that, plan appropriately

5. Does Anything Need to Be Scrapped?

Just because it is on your list does not mean you have to do it. Be wise and decide the true priorities and either delegate or scrap the rest. You do not become highly productive by running round doing everything. You become productive by doing the right things and managing your time appropriately.

This is a simple plan for time management that will also make you super productive. It will only take a short amount of time to implement rather than going to seminars where they suggest that you do things that take up a lot of time in the first place. This is a habit you implement each day. And it will take a maximum of half an hour to decide what each day looks like and I would also suggest a half an hour each weekend to plan the work week ahead so that you are definitely taking steps in the direction of your goals and dreams.

WE get ONE life so make the most of it!


Time to fight for, create the life and the business that you want.

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