Time Management For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners – When you no longer want Life to be just about the Business.

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Man! Sometimes, life gets so full and the concept of time management becomes a forgotten dream.  We get dragged from one activity to the next, always dealing with the pressing and the urgent right in front of us.  The big picture gets lost in the chaos and we struggle just to keep our head above water.

Overwhelm is a familiar friend.  There seems to never be enough hours in the day.

A recent survey I performed listed time management as the second highest concern people had about their business and who can blame them?  In case you wondered, the highest concern was gaining new customers.

Some responses included

“Not wanting business to take over my life, and away from other important things (love and family)”

“Lack of time, as I am already busy with a lot of stuff, but still interested in business”

“Currently time management is my biggest bug bear followed closely by fear”

The reason most of us started in business was to be in control of our own time, to be our own boss, to be the captain of our own ship.  We saw an opportunity to create our destiny and with starry eyed optimism, we plunged right into building our own business.

The thing is, now the dream feels a bit like a nightmare, as we wonder whether it might just be easier to step back into a job where we can forget about work and business at 5pm each evening.

We are busier than ever and as it is OUR OWN THING, there seems to be no respite.  We juggle so much as we pursue a great life for ourselves and our families.  And yet, we feel guilty because our family is taking a back seat to our ambition or we feel lazy because we are not doing enough with our time.  It is a yo-yo of emotions and some days, we are just fed up of it.

I know what this all feels like because as a Home-educating Mother of three princesses aged 6,5 and 3, a wife to an amazing man, a successful and happy property business owner, a business coach, a speaker and a Pharmacist (Not that I do that much right now), I continuously have to come back to the core reason for all my activities.

Do I always get it right?  Absolutely not! And yet, I get a lot done and still maintain great relationships with my family, clients and friends.  We can be productive and yet, have a life.  My heart is that you discover what that means for you.  What is the point of gaining all the money in the world if you are alone?

So I say “ENOUGH!”

The vision we had at the start,  You know…, the one of a life that contained a business, rather than a business that contained a life.  Yes, that vision is possible.  You just need to change a few key things.

And so… this month, I invite you to join me at this £1 webinar

“Time Management – Move from Angst & Overwhelm to Action, Peace & Productivity”


Let me give you some strategies for building a life, making more money, having a better relationship with your partner and your kids and still building your dream business.

This is my promise to you – This will be real, practical, ‘begin right away’ strategies that will make a difference to your life if applied.  And as always, the early bird special means that if you book onto the webinar right now before it runs live on Tuesday the 25th February, 2014 at 8pm UK time, you get it at this price.  After that, it goes up to £9.97.

Grab your slot NOW and no worries if you are not able to attend as you will also get the recording so you can listen to it time and time again until it becomes part of your psyche.

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