So, you tell me you are on a tight budget and you do not have anything to spare for mentoring or coaching or learning what to do in your business…

Well, OK…

That just makes you the norm, honey!

Welcome to the club that is entrepreneurship!

Particularly, entrepreneurship at the start of the journey!

And for most people this can remain their story because well, they were on a tight budget and did not have anything to spare for mentoring or coaching or learning what to do in their business…

Listen, I get it!

I have been on this side of the equation – Limited funds, limited knowledge, Limited progress, FRUSTRATION!

And most entrepreneurs have experienced this as well.

It is nothing new.

It is just the reality for most entrepreneurs.  After all, if you had an abundance of wealth, would you have even considered getting into business?

(Hopefully, you still would because you are purpose-driven, right?


🙂 )

Anyway, this is the thing…

Starting a business is NOT like being  in a job.  You are suddenly supposed to know everything about everything and you really don’t…

It may be wise for you to work with someone else who is not as emotionally attached to your business as you are…

It may be wise to have someone tell you that it will be well…

It may be wise to have someone challenge you…

And frankly, the person you become when you figure out how to juggle all those balls in the air without dropping them all, is exactly the successful type of person you need to be to make running a business a success.

Does that mean you need to shell out a few thousand to work with a coach?

I did and it was pretty scary and at the same time, I became MORE!

I consider myself my best investment. 

Even if I do not get the money back immediately, NO ONE can take the experience, the knowledge I gain, the person I become, away from me so nothing is a waste.

Do YOU have to?

Nope, there are options – Pick one that will pinch you but not kill you – You have to be invested in the process…

Of course, it is scary!

That is just normal!

Are you entrepreneur or not?

I do understand where you are at – I have been here.

But I must admit, that mentoring, coaching was the difference between me being a dabbler and a serious entrepreneur.

I pay out thousands for my coaching and it is always a stretch for me but again, the person I become is worth it to me, the money I finally make is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! and who wants to walk through this fire alone?!  Certainly NOT ME!

I am not trying to convince you of anything in this post because I don’t really care to.

Paying for mentoring/coaching will be expensive to you – Of course it will.

And hey, maybe you don’t need it.

Maybe you can figure it out all alone…

I couldn’t…

And so I got help instead of wasting more time AND MUCH MORE money floundering.

I have big ideas that I want to make happen in my lifetime so I would rather spend money than waste time…

I figured that I had spent all that time getting an education to do something I did not want to do (Pharmacy) then why on earth would I think that I could just jump right into what I REALLY wanted to do without at least getting some guidance?

And so I did get guidance (VERY EXPENSIVE GUIDANCE) and it made a world of difference to me.

For you, it might simply be a course taken as a standalone thing…

Or even an Amazon $2 book…

Or it might be working with a live breathing soul who can give you more specific support…

Or maybe a mastermind group where you can brainstorm with the other members…

Or maybe nothing.

Just make a choice already and get started taking your business to the next level.

You have something to offer the world and so, please just get on with it.  The world awaits your awakening.

Being broke while building a business is nothing new…

It is just the norm so please stop whining about it! (Yes, I know I am being unsympathetic 🙂 )

Get over it.

Get committed.

Get Started.

Create Wealth!

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Much Amazing Love 

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